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“Hindsight is 2020” – how Mule’s future will be shaped by its past

A new operating model with a productised API at its heart and an understanding of the ESB foundation will help IT departments deal with growing demand and dwindling resources.

Pagination blog

How to apply pagination in Mule Scheduled Jobs

In this blog, we go step-by-step through a pattern for implementing a scheduled job using pagination to process large datasets in Mule.


Transforming the aviation world

Data-driven technologies enable airlines and airports provide world class customer experience through Innovation, Digitalisation & Transformation

Application Architecture Monolithic vs SOA vs Microservices

Application Architecture: Monolithic vs SOA vs Microservices

In this article we cover the different types of Application Architecture (Monolithic, SOA,Microservices) and how they are used.

CICD for MuleSoft deployments

CI/CD for MuleSoft deployments

Applying a CI/CD approach in developing code for MuleSoft environments brings 2x faster deployment times and better code quality.

API reusability – why does it matter

API reusability – why does it matter?

In simple terms, reusability is the ability to reuse a functionality of an API for different applications as opposed to building a new one every time a new application needs to be integrated, or there is a new functionality introduced.


It is the season to integrate

WHISHWORKS’ Sreekanth Cherukuri discusses why integration is the secret ingredient to retail success in the crucial pre-Christmas period with Retail Technology The annual pre-Christmas shopping season can bring huge sales uplifts […]

71 of IT leaders see legacy systems modernisation as key to becoming a connected business

71% of IT leaders see legacy systems modernisation as key to becoming a connected business

During the recent London MuleSoft Summit, we asked CIOs, IT leaders, integration architects and development leads to tell us about their progress with integrating their systems and applications. Following are […]


Point-to-point versus API integration

APIs, same as building blocks, are supported by a robust base -the integration platform, but allow the business unparalleled freedom and flexibility to easily build and rebuild exactly what the business wants.


Why Higher Education Institutions need to leave direct integrations in the past

With the number of new systems adopted by higher education institutions increasing, direct integrations are becoming obsolete, hindering efficiency and effectiveness -essential components of quality education and enhanced student experience.


Mule Bytes: Proxy Vs Auto-Discovery

Shedding some light on the connection between the Auto-discovery feature of MuleSoft’s API Manager and the creation of an API Proxy.


What is an API and how does it enable Connectivity?

API is a programming-based software interface that acts like a bridge between two or more applications and/or systems, enabling them to seamlessly communicate with each other.