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6 reasons to keep an eye on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and the Salesforce Integration Cloud

by Raveendar Reddy Bandaru

Soon after signing a definitive agreement to acquire MuleSoft, Salesforce announced the Salesforce Integration Cloud, which promises to enable developers to connect systems, applications and disparate data sources to build whole new, enhanced [...]

WHISHWORKS Partners with Databricks


With this strategic partnership, WHISHWORKS and Databricks aim to drive business value with Big Data Analytics to empower organisations with deeper customer insights and new competitive advantages

Migrating Devkit Connectors to Mule 4 SDK

by Ravi Kumar Gunda

Mule is a lightweight integration runtime engine that powers Mule applications. Mule applications receive events, process them and route them to other endpoints, and Mule Runtime defines the rules on how event data is handled in each application.

WHISHWORKS shortlisted for Four Big Data Excellence Awards


WHISHWORKS, a Systems Integration and Big Data specialist, today announced they are finalists under four categories in Computing's Big Data Excellence Awards 2018: Outstanding Data Analytics Solution Award, Outstanding Big Data Management [...]

Mule 4 and Studio 7 – a bird’s-eye view of what’s new

by Raveendar Reddy Bandaru

As a strategic partner of MuleSoft, we have been part of the Mule 4 and Anypoint Studio 7 Beta program for several months now, and we are very excited with the recent GA release of Mule 4 and Studio 7, a major evolution of the core runtime behind 

The Big Data ‘Problem’


It is said that the term ‘Big Data’ comes from what a decade or so ago was ‘The Big Data Problem’ (big going with problem not data)!

So what was the Big Problem with data and how has it morphed into the Big Data Opportunity?

Mule Bytes: Proxy Vs Auto-Discovery


Proxy: When we are creating a Proxy in API Manager we are adding governance (applying policies, managing traffic, adding authentication methods, etc.) to an API which already exists and it is going to consume 0.1 vCore by default.

WHISHWORKS carries away Best Employer Brand Award 2018


The company was recognised for its Continuous Innovation in HR Strategy at Work  during the 12th Best Employer Branding Awards

WHISHWORKS, a MuleSoft integration and Big Data specialist, is extremely proud to announce that it has received the [...]

What is an API and how does it enable Connectivity?

by Mukul Agarwal

API (Application Programming Interface) is a programming-based software interface that acts like a bridge between two or more applications and/or systems, enabling them to seamlessly communicate with each other without making any change in the [...]