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How to securely connect CloudHub VPC with your data centre

by Govind Mulinti

When data security is critical, setting up a secure channel to access the data in your company’s data centre is best practice.

Optimising cargo claims management with Salesforce


Valued shy of $19 trillion in 2018, world trade in goods has a pivotal role in the global economy. Whether transported by air, land or sea, there is a whole ecosystem involved in ensuring that the right goods are delivered at the right place, in [...]

Getting on the right path with your Salesforce CRM

by Praveen Singh

As we enter 2020, we move further into the customer experience driven era. Flexible and scalable CRM systems have never been more critical to business growth. In this blog, we look at the common challenges facing Salesforce users, and how they [...]

WHISHWORKS partners with HPE and Confluent


WHISHWORKS, a global IT services and consulting company, today announced a partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Confluent. With the new partnerships the company further enhances its enterprise grade capabilities within artificial [...]

Enabling the enabler: how to ensure your MuleSoft C4E is successful

by Sandeep Gupta

Following on from my last article, this post will explore how MuleSoft users can ensure their C4E (Centre for Enablement) is implemented successfully by using the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) framework.

Big Data messaging frameworks compared

by Kumar Raju Datla

In the last decade, organisations have become reliant on multiple systems and applications to fulfil their business needs. To work effectively, these systems and applications must be able to communicate with each other in a secure and efficient [...]

“Hindsight is 2020” – how Mule’s future will be shaped by its past

by Sandeep Gupta

In this blog, we explore why we shouldn’t be so quick to forget our Mule ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) roots. Understanding MuleSoft’s past offering, will help us better appreciate its foundational strengths and substantiate why MuleSoft is set to [...]

Our top 4 highlights from Dreamforce To You


Last week an estimated 5,000 people gathered at the London ExCel centre to hear first-hand about the exciting solutions Salesforce had unveiled at Dreamforce in the US earlier this month.

How to apply pagination in Mule Scheduled Jobs

by Pramodh Katkoori

When we implement Scheduled Jobs in Mule (MuleSoft's Runtime Engine) to process large volumes, it is best practice to use pagination. However if pagination is not applied correctly, we will encounter challenges, which, if not resolved, might lead [...]