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We are a Consulting Partner and Reseller of Confluent. Our extensive experience with Kafka makes WHISHWORKS the ideal partner to take streaming to enterprise level with Confluent:.
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Why use Confluent?

Founded by the original creators of Apache Kafka®, Confluent provides the industry’s only enterprise-ready Event Streaming Platform, driving a new paradigm for application and data infrastructure. Confluent provides a single platform for real-time and historical events, enabling you to build an entirely new category of event-driven applications and gain a universal event pipeline. 

WHISHWORKS will help you leverage your Confluent Platform and derive business value from your data, by building real-time data pipelines, streaming applications and integrating data from multiple sources and locations into a single platform.

Confluent Platform with Apache Kafka


Deploy with confidence on the platform built by the Kafka experts.

Stream at enterprise scale and deliver sub-25ms latency at GBps throughput.

Secure your event streaming platform with enterprise-grade encryption, authentication and authorization.

Event Streaming

Connect all your apps and data with the broadest ecosystem of clients and connectors for Kafka.

Process and respond in real-time with Kafka Streams and KSQL - Confluent’s streaming SQL engine.

Monitor and manage the health of your cluster and data streams.


Deploy on any cloud public or private, with a consistent platform and operating model.

Stream across on-premises and public clouds with the industry’s only hybrid streaming service.

Choose your operational model as self-managed software or fully-managed service with Confluent Cloud.

Confluent Platform

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