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Running Zookeeper in replicated mode (for Apache Kafka)

by Kumar Raju Datla

In this blog, we will explore the recommendations for running Zookeeper in replicated mode and why this is the best method for using Zookeeper within your Apache Kafka implementation.

What is Kafka? The top 5 things you should know


Kafka is a community distributed, event-driven, streaming platform and was originally created and open sourced by LinkedIn in 2011. Kafka is based on an abstraction of a distributed commit log. 

Journey to the event-driven business with Kafka


In case you missed our webinar on the topic of event streaming with Kafka for business, this blog gives you the highlights.

According to Gartner by 2020 eventsourced, real time situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of [...]

WHISHWORKS partners with HPE and Confluent


WHISHWORKS, a global IT services and consulting company, today announced a partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Confluent. With the new partnerships the company further enhances its enterprise grade capabilities within artificial [...]

Kafka versus traditional messaging frameworks

by Kumar Raju Datla

In the last decade, organisations have become reliant on multiple systems and applications to fulfil their business needs. To work effectively, these systems and applications must be able to communicate with each other in a secure and efficient [...]

What is Kafka? An informal explanation for non-techies

by Gaurav Bhardwaj

Apache Kafka, is a well-engineered piece of technology and a lot has already been written about it. This blog doesn’t attempt to explain Kafka technically, neither is it targeted to technical audiences. In fact, this article is for non-technical [...]