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What do companies use Big Data for

by Vijaya Bhoomireddy

There is no doubt, Big Data is one of the most important drivers of digital transformation, but data alone is no guarantee for success. During our recent survey on The State of Big Data in the UK, we asked 100 Big Data strategists, architects and [...]

5 Benefits of Deploying Hadoop

by Khyati Sahu

Data driven organisations that need to process large and varied datasets often opt for Apache Hadoop as a potential tool due to its ability to process, store, and manage vast amounts of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data. 

Big Data in Retail

by Abhinav Yalamanchili

Data analytics is disrupting how retailers market their stores, while also changing how business is conducted for the consumer brands that line their shelves. While retailers and brands have been analysing data for years, the reams of consumer [...]

What does it mean to be a data driven organisation?


Most companies today claim to be fluent in data, but as with most new business initiatives, these claims can sometimes be slightly exaggerated. We all know that companies are producing more digital assets than ever before, but what does a truly [...]

Delivering A Data Driven Enterprise: Turning Data Into Valuable Knowledge

by Prashant Bhalesain

Donald Rumsfeld’s “known knows” is a famously quoted phrase from a response he gave in 2002. Since then, the world has changed significantly, transforming the way we think, act, and engage in an increasingly digital world. These changes are [...]