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WHISHWORKS partners with Microsoft Azure


WHISHWORKS are thrilled to announce a new partnership agreement with Microsoft Azure. The agreement enables the company’s Big Data Team to architect and deliver to customers scalable, on-demand, advanced analytics solutions using the Microsoft [...]

Which areas do companies expect to benefit the most from Big Data?


Today, companies have a much better understanding of Big Data and how Big Data technologies can benefit their operation across different areas. In fact, according to our latest survey, in 2019 the number of business areas companies expect to [...]

The Business Sense of Artificial Intelligence

by Gaurav Bhardwaj

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, from social media platforms using AI to analyse content and behaviours, to digital platforms like Amazon and Netflix that use AI for their recommendation engines. With (now) quantifiable benefits and [...]

Data Analytics Explained


Data analytics is the science of analysing raw data in order to derive useful insights and can be classified into four types – Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive. No one type is better than the other, and businesses are most [...]

7 steps to Predictive Analytics


Continuous developments in Business Intelligence is critical for allowing companies to stay ahead of competition. The latest approach to BI  is predictive analytics. Predictive Analytics enables organisations to forecast future events, analyse [...]

Machine Learning in Sentiment Analysis


According a recent McKinsey study, after a positive customer experience, more than 85% of customers purchased more. After a negative experience, more than 70% purchased less.

What do companies use Big Data for

by Vijaya Bhoomireddy

There is no doubt, Big Data is one of the most important drivers of digital transformation, but data alone is no guarantee for success. During our recent survey on The State of Big Data in the UK, we asked 100 Big Data strategists, architects and [...]

5 Benefits of Deploying Hadoop

by Khyati Sahu

Data driven organisations that need to process large and varied datasets often opt for Apache Hadoop as a potential tool due to its ability to process, store, and manage vast amounts of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data. 

Big Data in Retail

by Abhinav Yalamanchili

Data analytics is disrupting how retailers market their stores, while also changing how business is conducted for the consumer brands that line their shelves. While retailers and brands have been analysing data for years, the reams of consumer [...]