Transforming Banking with Apache Kafka

  • Written By WHISHWORKS
  • 08/10/2020

Back in July in partnership with Confluent, WHISHWORKS held a webinar discussing the transformation being caused by event-streaming and event-driven architectures in modern banking. In this blog (and infographic) we summarise the key takeaways from that webinar, showcasing how forward-looking banks are getting ahead of the curve with real-time streaming.

When it comes to banking, event streaming and event-driven architecture is transforming the way banks operate on a daily basis. In the table below, we examine these transformations:

Payment Processing

Batch orientated with settlements happening T+1 or T+2Real-time payment processing
High throughput that easily scales on a small hardware footprint
Legacy MQ technologies that are difficult and costly to scaleDe-coupled producers and consumers

Retail Banking

Nightly updated account balance
Batch fraud checks
Real-time account updates
Real-time credit card fraud alerts
Limited view of the customer360 / Omni channel view of the customer

Capital Markets

Batch oriented compliance reporting (OATS, FRTB)
Batch view of risk
The ability to aggregate disparate risk systems to get an intra-day view of market & credit risk
Real-time pricing using stream processing
Spreadsheet-driven trading
Manual clearing and settlements
Integrated and automated clearing & settlement

Click on the image below to open the full infographic with the most successful use cases in banking: 

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