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Big Data Application Support Services

WHISHWORKS application support services are provided by a qualified and skilled team of professionals with deep experience across the entire Apache Hadoop stack and leading Big Data platforms and technologies including Hortonworks, Cloudera and MapR.

Our customers enjoy expert technical assistance, maximum availability and minimised risk for their Big Data and Analytics ecosystem.

Our dedicated support teams offer flexible 24-7, 9-7 or 8-5 platinum, gold or silver options to proactively monitor and fix any issues with your Big Data architecture.


Partnering with global software platforms like MuleSoft, Hortonworks, MapR and Cloudera, we offer detailed solutions to provide our customers with market-leading business advantages. Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of businesses who choose us to help them access, control and monetise their data, whilst building their digital transformation foundation and keeping them ahead of competition. 

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