Leadership & Key Contacts

The heart of our capability and commitment.

WHISHWORKS is led by a team of dedicated and driven professionals who grow our business with their outstanding technical knowledge and strategic insight.

WHISHWORKS leadership

Sri Arardhi, Chief Executive Officer

Sri is a Business Transformation Visionary who works closely with WHISHWORKS’ stakeholders towards a common goal, success through innovation.

With a technical background and an entrepreneurial aptitude, Sri knows what enables transformation, growth and bottom-line in a data driven world. Sri believes in people first–technology second, an approach reflected across WHISHWORKS and everything we do.


Suman Konkumalla, Chief Strategy Officer

Suman is a passionate strategist, formalising the company’s strategic planning processes and forging new working relationships and synergies.

Suman believes that in today’s fast paced environment, strategy requires not only good execution but also the ability to make quick decisions. A natural problem solver, he makes it his business to ensure that there is alignment across the organisation in executing each project on time and according to the high-quality standards of WHISHWORKS. 


Pankaj Kankatti, Chief Information Officer

Pankaj drives WHISHWORKS’ information and integration services. He provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust and secure information technology environment, which is our MuleSoft Centre of Excellence.

With extensive experience across different industries and technologies, Pankaj gives the necessary insight and guidance that allow WHISHWORKS to innovate through technology, develop world-class global teams and achieve IT operational excellence.


Kranthi Vempati, Chief Technology Officer

Kranthi is passionate about technology with a keen interest in Big Data, APIs, SOA and Enterprise software. With a key focus on Big Data and R&D, Kranthi drives the company's technology strategy and is the driving force behind WHISHWORK’s Big Data Centre of Excellence.

Kranthi’s extensive experience in technology planning, research and software development allows him to use the most advanced technologies to turn data into valuable business insight, whilst guiding a strong team of architects and domain experts in designing tailored solutions that meet our clients current and future needs.


Murthy Aradhi, Director and Board Member

Able to handle complexity with ease, Murthy innovates for our team while they innovate for our clients.

A key supporter of inclusive growth, Murthy acts as a valuable advisor and brings his extensive experience to benefit our teams across the world, enabling them to work smartly and efficiently as our company scales.



Edward Davies, VP of Sales

Ed loves a good challenge and has introduced WHISHWORKS to some of the most exciting brands and projects in the fast-paced integration and big data landscape. 

With a wealth of experience after 20 years in the Integration space, drive and focus, Ed is a firm believer that it is ok to say no to a Customer if they are making a mistake, making him a trusted adviser to many of our Customers.


Saravanan Srinivasan, VP of Delivery

Sarav is our Global Delivery Head responsible for WHISHWORKS' entire delivery engine, with multidisciplinary teams for both our MuleSoft & Big Data practices.

For Sarav success means helping clients achieve their goals. With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology Enabled Services and a sound business sense, he seamlessly assists clients with their digital transformation needs, making sure that projects stay on budget and on time.


Ashraf Hossain, AVP Sales - Digital Integration & API Enablement

Ashraf is dedicated to helping companies in India and the UAE and APAC regions achieve their business transformation goals through digital integration and API enablement. With WHISHWORKS being a strategic partner and reseller of MuleSoft, Ashraf and his team are true supporters of MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and the benefits of API-led connectivity.

Driving WHISHWORKS’ presales, licensing and professional services, Ashraf ensures that customers extract real value from their API integrations and is a trusted advisor every step of the way.


Sudarshan Sangaraju, Associate Vice President

Sudarshan has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology services helping clients with integration needs to succeed in their business growth. With a strong technical and managerial background, Sudarshan manages our MuleSoft Centre of Excellence as well as our Learning & Development and Technical Design Authority teams.

His long experience in people management and motivation helps drive excellence within our MuleSoft Practice, with a key focus on customer success.


Russell Unrath, Vice President - Sales, US

For Russ, getting to know the customer and staying connected is paramount. He loves diving into new opportunities head first to see what solutions make the most sense for the particular needs and goals of a company.
A seasoned leader and trusted advisor, he brings with him a wealth of senior executive sales experience, to ensure that the team establishes strong relationships with all of our US-based customers.


Sreekanth Cherukuri, Principal Architect - Systems Integration

Sreekanth knows that each integration project and each business case is different. By working closely with our clients’ business and IT teams he makes certain that every solution is tailored to meet their exact business requirements now and in the future.

A TOGAF-9 and MuleSoft certified architect and designer, Sreekanth ensures that WHISHWORKS’ clients get the best out of emerging integration technologies and provides valuable guidance and facilitation throughout the lifecycle of a project, from discovery to team enablement.


Carlos Somohano, Principal Consultant, Pre-Sales & Evangelism

Carlos has over 20 years of experience in providing consulting and advice to F500 clients in the areas of Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence and ERP.

Carlos leads WHISHWORKS' Big Data Pre-Sales & Evangelism team. He advises clients on how to leverage Big Data technologies and Data Science to obtain insight and business value from complex, large-scale data.


Vala Marcou, Head of Marketing

In the ever-changing world of marketing communications, Vala stays on top of trends and tools and applies them in conjunction with traditional marketing methods to enhance WHISHWORKS value proposition. A long-time marketing and communications professional with a key focus in technology, Vala brings the big-picture strategic thinking, whilst rolling up her sleeves to get things done.


Stephen Terry, Vice President - Sales

Stephen leads our Salesforce sales team in EMEA and brings with him over 20 years of experience in IT Sales working for some of the industry leaders, including Salesforce.

Stephen is passionate about the transformation Salesforce can bring to the modern enterprise, a passion that inspires the entire team. He is recognised among customers, partners and sales teams for his professionalism, integrity and long term success.


Costa Express

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Costa Express Costa Coffee is one of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing coffee show chains and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Whitbread Group. In addition to the hundreds of retail stores and franchises across the UK, Costa Coffee had self-service coffee machines installed at various locations, which were owned by Costa Express, another subsidiary of the Whitbread Group. In order to maintain dominance in the market, Costa Express was looking to develop new methods of customer engagement, and to drive further take-up of the self-service model by ensuring that the machines provides a premium service which was in keeping with brand expectations.

WHISHWORKS proposed implementing a MuleSoft middleware platform to replace the existing point-to-point connections. The platform would be a cloud-based solution which included standardised messaging capabilities for ease of data exchange between systems.

Microsoft Azure