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The market for the luxury phone has always been niche, similar to supercars in the automobile sector. Fewer than 1m luxury phones have been sold in the past decade, compared with the roughly 1.5bn standard smartphones that were sold in 2016 alone.

With the slowdown in the global luxury market, innovation, added functionality and a well nurtured customer base are becoming increasingly important.


The Company

Vertu aims to deliver the world’s best luxury mobile phone experience for its customers by combining expert craftsmanship and peerless materials with innovative technology and unique services. Today, Vertu leads the market that it pioneered over a decade ago.

Vertu is renowned for its curated services; a suite of carefully selected exclusive offers, content and assistance especially selected to enhance the Vertu customer’s lifestyle. At the heart of these services is Vertu CONCIERGE, offering luxury lifestyle assistance and enrichment. Vertu CONCIERGE is on-hand 24/7 to facilitate your every request. Vertu LIFE offers personalised recommendations and privileged access to experiences and events. Vertu CERTAINTY delivers security for customers, their data and their phones.

Vertu is available from around 500 stores, including 70 Vertu Boutiques, in 66 countries.


The Opportunity

Vertu’s existing applications were linked by multiple point-to-point connections. This meant that many applications were not sharing information between them, in addition to adding huge maintenance overheads.

Significant parts of their database were being duplicated, and growth was being hampered by the difficulty of adding further endpoints. In addition to this, there was no standard mechanism for data exchange which magnified the issues the longer the systems were in use.

Vertu wanted to re-organise their entire infrastructure to make it more agile and service oriented, to prevent duplication and ensure that they were making the most of their IT assets.


The Solution

WHISHWORKS collaborated with Vertu to understand their long-term plans and prepared a detailed review to understand their IT and business requirements. A technology roadmap was provided and executed to enable a 360 degree view of their customers, replace the manufacturing, product data management and engineering
systems, and enable temporary access to the legacy systems so they could continue to operate during the complex migration.

The first part of the implementation would require an improve in the software upgrade procedure for the company, which relied on physical CDs being shipped to customers to upgrade their phones. WHISHWORKS created immediate savings for the company by digitising this process, which had the added benefit of an improved customer experience.


The Result

Today, Vertu has an entirely reorganised IT infrastructure, which provides direction, focus and accelerate decision making. Faster growth and higher availability of data ensure improved customer satisfaction, and the Strategic Partnership between WHISHWORKS and Vertu has helped in progress of aligning business and IT.

Service Enablement helped the existing applications in the client’s environment to communicate amongst the dislocated systems and avoided handling redundant data across the organisation.

Vertu’s infrastructure is more easily scalable with the ability to change legacy systems and processes with ease, saving Vertu time and money on new IT projects, and secure existing systems with a new information security protocol.

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