UEBA Accelerator

Next Generation User and Entity Behaviour Analytics

WHISHWORKS' Accelerator is a User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) solution blueprint aimed to foil cyberattacks and uncover insider threats by detecting anomalies in user and entity behavioural patterns.


Hackers, competitors and industrial spies can break into firewalls, penetrate enterprise systems, send phishing emails with malicious and infected attachments, or even bribe an employee to gain access into enterprise systems. Old tools and systems are quickly becoming obsolete, whereas malicious attacks are getting ever more advanced.

Today, enterprise organisations require new, intelligent tools and methods to prevent, detect and terminate cyberattacks in real-time. WHISHWORKS' UEBA Accelerator uses machine learning and algorithm techniques to analyse logs, system reports, network packets, flows and files, and uncover deviations from established patterns of behaviour, highlighting those that could pose a security threat to the organisation. 

The end result is a User and Entity Behaviour Analytics engine, tailored to your specific needs, that will help you ensure that potential vulnerabilities and threats are proactively assessed, whereas with the algorithms continuously being optimised with new information, you get the peace of mind that your security is always up-to-date.

WHISHWORKS User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) Accelerator

WHISHWORKS' UEBA Accelerator comes with a tested reference architecture that significantly reduces development and implementation time.

Business Benefits

Real-time response

With the UEBA Accelerator you will be able to react with agility and in real-time to security threats, minimising risk and eliminating the cost of a potential breach.

Cost reduction

The automation introduced by the UEBA Accelerator helps remove time consuming and resource intensive processes, significantly reducing underlying costs.

Operational efficiency

The UEBA Accelerator enables the security team to focus on real threats based on an automated detection process that leverages machine learning.


With time, the application developed based on the Accelerator’s blueprint,  gets smarter and more efficient, which makes it a truly futureproof solution.

IT Benefits


Outcome of the extensive experience we gained from other implementations, the Accelerator drastically reduces development and implementation time.

Cost reduction

The Accelerator and reference architecture enables you to develop the right solution from the start, preventing costly mistakes and unnecessary investments.


The Accelerator incorporates a blueprint based on an open, flexible, proven technology architecture that allows for rapid changes, fine tuning and scaling up & down in a cost-efficient way.




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