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Salesforce health cloud - healthcare

Healthcare in the Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is designed to improve patient satisfaction, deliver high-quality patient care, and deliver positive outcomes.

Telecomms digital transformation

Transforming Telecommunications for the digital age

Exploring the challenges facing Telecommunications and the digital solutions set to transform the industry in 2021 and for the future.

financial services crm blog

5 digital transformation challenges facing the financial services today

From lack of integration to shifting customer expectations, the industry faces many obstacles on its road to digital transformation.

Salesforce CPQ - across industries

How CPQ is helping optimise sales across industries

How Salesforce CPQ can be used to overcome common sales bottlenecks in four key industries: manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare and financial services.

Digital transformation trends 2021

Digital transformation trends to look out for in 2021

The novel coronavirus has acted as a catalyst for digital transformation over the past year. These are the key trends we see going into 2021.

CRM for Healthcare & Life Sciences

How biotech & pharma can gain a value-based competitive edge

The biotech and pharma sector finds itself heading towards profound changes, a great deal of which are led by evolving patient needs.

salesforce technical debt assessment site image
Events & Webinars

Recording: Performing a successful technical debt assessment in Salesforce

Watch our webinar recording to hear about the key areas you need to cover to carry out a successful technical debt assessment in the Salesforce platform.

Organizations using Salesforce will inevitably accumulate technical debt over time. It’s a costly side effect of growth, and to manage it successfully, these organizations need to not only remove their existing debt but also understand its causes and develop a plan to manage it in the future.

In this webinar, we will walk you through the key areas you need to cover to carry out a successful technical debt assessment in the Salesforce platform:

– What is technical debt
– Causes of technical debt in Salesforce
– Key areas to assess
– Common tools for diagnosis
– Technical debt assessment results & reporting

Salesforce Devops Webinar Recording
Events & Webinars

Recording: Ensuring the continuity of Salesforce projects with DevOps

Watch our webinar recording to find out how to apply a DevOps methodology to your Salesforce projects to improve quality and accelerate speed and agility.

In the current environment when remote teams are becoming the norm, applying a DevOps methodology on Salesforce projects is paramount to ensure seamless collaboration, shorter development cycles, reduced manual effort and human error, and higher quality. However, teams often find it hard to truly embed DevOps in the way they operate.

In this webinar you are going to hear about:

What is DevOps and what challenges it addresses
What Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Monitoring look like
A practical approach to DevOps on the Salesforce platform
The DevOps maturity model

Salesforce CRM for the public sector

CRM for Citizen Relationship Management

While the times have been changing for a while, current events have accelerated the need for public agencies to adapt to a changing world.

Health Cloud & Financial Services Cloud Accreditation

2 more clouds in our pocket!

WHISHWORKS is an accredited partner for two more Salesforce clouds, Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud.

Dynamic Overlay for PDF Template

Developer’s guide: creating a dynamic overlay for a PDF template

In this blog, we provide a step-by-step solution to dynamically changing the template of a PDF document using the open source software PDFbox.

Events & Webinars

Past Event: Salesforce Basecamp Dubai

Join us at Salesforce Basecamp Dubai on September 23rd at the Atlantis. Learn how our Salesforce solutions are transforming industries and delivering exceptional customer experience.