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How to calculate your MuleSoft APIs

How to calculate the number of your APIs

With Mule 3.9 end of standard support around the corner, many users are getting really worried about their existing implementations and uncertain about the complexity and costs involved to migrate […]

RTF Ops Center featured

An overview of the Ops Center in Anypoint Runtime Fabric

In this article, we provide an overview of how to use the Ops Center to monitor Anypoint Runtime Fabric.

Higher Education Digital Transformation

How Universities are driving to digital transformation today

Highlights from the round table we recently hosted with MuleSoft bringing together senior IT executives in Higher Education.

Banking connectivity

WHISHWORKS in the news: Allica builds a new digital bank

UK challenger bank creates connected, personalized experiences for small and medium businesses 2x faster with reusable APIs

WHISHWORKS DevOps MuleSoft webinar recording
Events & Webinars

Recording: Ensuring the continuity of Anypoint Platform projects with DevOps

Watch this webinar recording to understand what is DevOps and learn how to apply a DevOps methodology in developing MuleSoft APIs.

API self-service

APIs powering self-service

The demystifying and democratisation of innovation by IT leaders will help bolster the self-service of the broader organisation.

Open banking APIs

Open Banking – How APIs are fast-tracking growth

When it comes to reaching market faster and scaling with both speed and stability, APIs have been a crucial component of many Fintechs.

API Recipes with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform - Mule 4

WHISHWORKS announces 34 new recipes for Mule 4

We are extremely excited to announce the latest edition of our book API Recipes with MuleSoft® Anypoint Platform™, featuring 34 practical API recipes for Mule 4! The IT and integration […]

Events & Webinars

Past Event: Roundtable – Digitising Student Experiences

MuleSoft and WHISHWORKS brought together senior IT executives for a discussion on digital transformation in Education.

WHISHWORKS - MuleSoft Digital Connect series - part2

MuleSoft Digital Connect part 2: The value of integration

Highlights from the stories AXA, Rail Delivery Group, ABB and SL Transport shared at MuleSoft’s Digital Connect.


MuleSoft Digital Connect part 1: Here comes everybody

This blog is on why event streaming has become so important for business success and what it takes to become an event-driven organisation with Confluent and Kafka.


EDI to API – The evolution of systems integration, Part 2

Developments in the New Millennium were boosted by Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). XML with schema definitions.

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