Sentiment Analysis Accelerator

Intelligent sentiment analysis & opinion monitoring

WHISHWORKS’ Sentiment Analysis Accelerator gives you the peace of mind that your customers’ sentiment will not go undetected, enabling you to reward loyal and positively engaged customers, whilst preventing escalation of issues or unwanted ripple effects that can harm your reputation and your bottom line.

WHISHWORKS' Sentiment Analysis Accelerator

Companies have been using various tools and metrics to quantify customer satisfaction and rectify negative customer experiences, but with the proliferation of digital platforms where everyone can voice their satisfaction or dissatisfaction for a brand or a product, effectively monitoring all communication channels is becoming ever more challenging.

WHISHWORKS’ Sentiment Analysis Accelerator is a cloud-based, scalable sentiment analysis solution blueprint, specifically designed to effectively capture and analyse the nuances and underlying opinion in customer reviews across different channels -internal and external.

The Accelerator leverages leading edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning techniques in sentiment analysis, as well as a series of sentiment libraries, sentiment corpora and other human-annotated sentiment rules, to continuously enrich the sentiment algorithms. 

Sentiment Analysis nuance post

Nuance detection: a sentiment analysis tool should be able to accurately detect, classify and understand sentiment while at the same time, also be able to detect the multi-faceted nature of text language like context, jargon, ambiguity, sarcasm etc. Traditional tools, may fail to capture underlying nuances.

Business Benefits



Reduce time and effort by automating the sentiment analysis of millions of product reviews without the need of involving human reviewers.



Classify the sentiment of a customer review with precision and accuracy without the limitations of traditional sentiment solutions.



Reduce the cost spent with agencies, third parties and point solutions by having a single, in-house, end-to-end integrated sentiment analytics engine.



Gain new customer insights by early identifying trends and changes in customer sentiment. Quickly compose custom search queries to analyse customer reviews by type of sentiment, date, product, or channel.

Reference Architecture

WHISHWORKS Sentiment Analysis Accelerator

IT Benefits


Outcome of the extensive experience we gained from other implementations, the Accelerator drastically reduces development and implementation time.


The Accelerator incorporates a blueprint based on an open, flexible, proven technology architecture that allows for rapid changes, fine tuning and scaling up & down in a cost-efficient way.

Cost reduction

The Accelerator and reference architecture enables you to develop the right solution from the start, preventing costly mistakes and unnecessary investments.



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Processing (NLP)


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