Salesforce CPQ

Our Salesforce experts will help you implement and tailor Salesforce CPQ so you can quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders and accelerate your quote to cash conversion.

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Salesforce CPQ

CPQ is a sales tool for companies to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. CPQ applications often work in tandem with CRM platforms, ERP programs, and other business technology, which helps ensure integrated data from Salesforce as well as accuracy. Quotes produced with CPQ software are automated according to a preprogrammed set of rules, ensuring error-free pricing that takes into account quantities, discounts, customizations, optional features of products, multiple revenue types, and incompatibilities.

Salesforce CPQ
WHISHWORKS Salesforce CPQ: Configure


Give your sales and channel partners the tools, accessibility and flexibility they need to make that sale.

We will help you create the assets (solutions, deal scenarios, pricing models and branded quotes) and processes, tailored to your product, sales and customer characteristics.

WHISHWORKS Salesforce CPQ: Price


Process orders and quotes quickly and accurately and break down front and back office silos.

We will help you streamline order processing and electronic payments and customise invoicing and revenue attribution to ensure efficiency, without jeopardising transparency and compliance.

WHISHWORKS Salesforce CPQ: Quote


Streamline pricing and align quotes with your customers' needs with subscriptions and usage billing options.

We will help you configure, customise and automate your quote generation process, embedding intelligence so you don’t miss out on hidden opportunities like cross-selling, up-selling and renewal.

Experience the real value of Salesforce

We help you remove silos and bring more value to your customers and your business.

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