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MuleSoft Strategic Partner India

MuleSoft Strategic Partner Award India

WHISHWORKS was named Strategic Partner India by MuleSoft in recognition of our excellence in delivering services that fuel transformation.

Salesforce FSC - Financial Modelling - Application Management

FSC – Financial Modelling – Application Management

The third article of our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud series discusses Financial Modelling and Application Management.

MuleSoft personalisation

MuleSoft Connect 2021: Personalised Experiences

In the second post of our MuleSoft Connect series, we dive into MuleSoft’s session about the value and mechanics of delivering personalised experiences.

WHISHWORKS Mule 4 Migration recording
Events & Webinars
  • December 3, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Recording: 10 things to consider when planning your Mule 4 migration

In this webinar recording we discuss the most important things you’d need to look at before, during and after the migration, to avoid spikes in cost and effort.
Mule 4 is the latest and most advanced version of Mule runtime engine and has been designed to boost scalability and support performance optimisation and smooth upgrade. There can be many reasons for you to start considering upgrading to the newest version of Mule, for example:

– Your Mule version is reaching End-of-Support or End-of-Life
– You want to make significant updates to the existing applications
– You want to take advantage of key Mule 4 capabilities
– You want to have all your apps on one Mule version

We are covering the areas that we consider the most important for correctly planning and executing your Mule 4 migration. We are going over the critical things you need to look at before, during and after the migration, in order to avoid unwelcome delays and surprises that will increase cost and effort.

At the end, we provide you with a tested step-by-step approach so you have a successful go-live of your Mule 4 environment and applications.


What are actionable insights?

In this post we look at actionable insights in more detail, how they work, and how businesses can achieve them.

MuleSoft Connect 2021 takeaways

MuleSoft Connect 2021: Key Takeaways

MuleSoft Connect 2021 highlighted new products and innovations and provided a spotlight on the issues driving digital transformation.

Mule 3.8 End of Life

What does EoL for Mule 3.8 mean

Mule 3.8 and Mule 3.9, have reached End of Support (EoS), whereas the extended support for Mule 3.8 is fast approaching (November 2021).

Salesforce FSC - Financial Modelling

FSC – Financial Modelling – Financial Accounts

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Financial Modelling and Financial Accounts. Explore Salesforce’s FSC in the 2nd part of our series.

API strategy

API Strategy – why does it matter

API strategy is about the development of an ecosystem that allows businesses to access and monetise their data from one central hub.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

What is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

Financial Services Cloud is a combination of Sales and Service Cloud plus a managed package that adds a number of industry-specific features.

MuleSoft Composer

APIs at the fingertips of Salesforce users

MuleSoft Composer enables Salesforce users to develop ‘light weight’ integrations quickly with just a few clicks.

Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration

Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration – things to consider

Things to consider when migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning so that potential challenges are mitigated, resolved, or avoided.

Salesforce health cloud - healthcare

Healthcare in the Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is designed to improve patient satisfaction, deliver high-quality patient care, and deliver positive outcomes.

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