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event streaming introduction

Introduction to: Event Streaming

In this blog we introduce the key components of event streaming, including outlining the differences between traditional batch data processing and real-time event streaming.

Dynamic Overlay for PDF Template

Developer’s guide: creating a dynamic overlay for a PDF template

In this blog, we provide a step-by-step solution to dynamically changing the template of a PDF document using the open source software PDFbox.


Transforming Banking with Apache Kafka

In this blog (and infographic) we summarise the key takeaways from that webinar, showcasing how forward-looking banks are getting ahead of the curve with real-time streaming.

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Recording: Ensuring the continuity of Salesforce projects with DevOps

Watch our webinar recording to find out how to apply a DevOps methodology to your Salesforce projects to improve quality and accelerate speed and agility.

Kubernetes with Knative

How to use Kafka on Kubernetes with Knative

Modern day applications need faster deployment with new versions and new environments, this can be achieved through containerization with Kafka, Kubernetes and Knative.


Benefits of using SharePoint with Salesforce (and how to do it)

Salesforce is a cloud-based powerful CRM that enables companies to optimise entire business processes like Sales, Service, Marketing and more. Salesforce has a lot of advanced and robust features, but […]


Running Zookeeper in replicated mode (for Apache Kafka)

In this blog, we will explore the recommendations for running Zookeeper in replicated mode and why this is the best method for using Zookeeper within your Apache Kafka implementation. Zookeeper […]


Personalise your API ecosystem with Anypoint API Community Manager

MuleSoft’s Anypoint API Community Manager (ACM) is a digital experience platform that enables companies to provide a customisable developer portal that promotes API products and increases engagement across the API ecosystem.


Adopting a test-driven development approach in Salesforce

A test-driven approach to development in Salesforce will ensure that the user story is full-proof and does not miss any points.


How to automate MUnit generation using Anypoint Studio Test Recorder

MUnit is a Mule application testing framework, used to generate unit tests for mule flows.


What is Kafka? An informal explanation for non-techies

This article is for non-technical readers who have little or no technical background and want to understand the basics of Apache Kafka.


What is Kafka? The top 5 things you should know

In this blog, we cover Apache Kafka and outline the top 5 things you should know as a data-driven organisation.


Work.com – the latest addition to our Salesforce toolkit!

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our Salesforce practice to include implementation and support services for Salesforce Work.com, CPQ and Field Service Lightning. We joined the Salesforce […]

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