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WHISHWORKS-MuleSoft Runtime Fabric - guide
Papers & Guides

Guide: MuleSoft Runtime Fabric Beyond Jargon

In this guide we demystify the jargon around MuleSoft Runtime Fabric and go straight to rudiments every decision maker needs to understand.

WHISHWORKS-MuleSoft A new era for banking PoV
Papers & Guides

A New Era for Banking

In this PoV paper we join MuleSoft to showcase how banks can invest in a common set of digital initiatives to drive efficiency and growth.

WHISHWORKS-MuleSoft Advantages of API-led connectivity

5 customer advantages of API-led connectivity

In this blog post, we highlight five distinctive examples of how API-led connectivity can result in innovation and competitive advantage.

Events & Webinars
  • August 10 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Recording: Mule 4 Migration Accelerator

With the last version of Mule 3 now out of standard support, it’s recommended that you migrate to Mule 4 to avoid any connectivity gaps and performance hurdles.

Join WHISHWORKS and MuleSoft to learn how the Mule 4 Migration Accelerator gives you a stress-free, cost-effective way to plan, migrate, test, and deploy your APIs to Mule 4.

This end-to-end ecosystem combines tested automation tools, expert services, and guided best practices, to help you migrate to Mule 4 faster, with less effort, cost and risk.

WHISHWORKS-Salesforce-CRM for Financial Services - FSC
Papers & Guides

CRM: an untapped potential for Financial Services – 2021

Learn how CRM can become a digital transformation driver for Financial Services and the advantage of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

MuleSoft Summit - Public Sector 2021
Events & Webinars

MuleSoft EMEA Public Sector Summit

Join WHISHWORKS and MuleSoft to hear how you can build integrated digital experiences for citizens, patients, students, passengers.

SFDC customer topic listener

Set up Salesforce PushTopics for real-time updates with Mule 4

Learn how a customer-related event from Salesforce CRM, is captured, processed, and synchronised with other business systems using Mule 4.

Salesforce CDC - MuleSoft integration

Salesforce CDC (Change Data Capture) integration using MuleSoft

This article discusses Salesforce CDC (Change Data Capture) integration with applications, databases or other SaaS platforms, using MuleSoft.


WHISHWORKS in the news: Eduvanz simplifies lending to students

WHISHWORKS is implementing MuleSoft Anypoint Platform to seamlessly connect Eduvanz’ different data sources with Salesforce.

payment APIs - eCommerce

What are Payment APIs?

Payment APIs allow you to implement several payment solutions quickly while providing all the functionality and security you would need.

WHISHWORKS - MuleSoft API integration for Universities

API-led connectivity for Universities

An architectural approach to API-led connectivity that enables hybrid, multi-modal learning and teaching experiences for universities.

Salesforce FSC - Leads and Referrals

Salesforce FSC – Leads and Referrals

In this blog we look at how Leads and Referrals work in Financial Services Cloud and how they’d make sense within a banking environment.

evented APIs

What are evented APIs?

We can think of an evented APIs as the fabric that binds and integrates all the applications in an event-driven architecture.

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