The State of Event Streaming in 2021

The past year has reshaped the way we think about data


State of event streamingThe past year has reshaped the way we think about data, with attention shifting from the size of data, to the speed of capturing, processing and delivering events.

Brands like Amazon, Netflix, Mercedes-Benz, LinkedIn, and Comcast have paved the way to event-driven architectures in their IT operations.

So how event-driven are companies in today’s competitive market? In our recent survey, we asked data strategists, architects and users how much progress they have made with event streaming in the past 12 months:

  • Are companies implementing Event Streaming in their organisation?
  • Where does event stream processing take place?
  • What type of stream analysis do companies perform?
  • What are the top business use cases for event streaming?
  • What are the main technology challenges companies face?
  • What are the main challenges companies face with streaming analytics?

This report consolidates our findings for the State of Event Streaming in 2021.