A New Era for Banking

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WHISHWORKS-MuleSoft A new era for banking - white paper

Like all sectors, banks too have been hit by the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis. Since the disruption was exceedingly fast and universal, there was little time to adapt to the new reality. As all financial transactions suddenly went online, the digital transformation of the banking sector finally got the impetus it needed.

Online banking and e-commerce through mobile apps and websites were already on the rise. But the pandemic put that into high gear. Now, as we slowly return to normalcy, there is a realisation that we won’t be going back to the old processes and systems. Legacy structures will have to undergo system-wide digital transformation to be relevant and compete in this changed reality.

In this Point of View paper we join forces with MuleSoft to showcase how banks can invest in a common set of digital initiatives to drive efficiency and growth.


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