Big Data in the MuleSoft world

What happens when your data becomes too ‘big’?


In their effort to remain relevant and competitive, companies today face two main challenges: their IT infrastructure and their data.

Over the years, they have been accumulating numerous applications and systems to process their data, connecting them with point to point integrations, or increasingly through APIs.

At the same time, we are now at a point where every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and for many companies, being able to access, process and combine such data is vital.

For you to be reading this, it probably means that you have managed to solve 50% of the problem. You are using APIs to streamline the integration of your systems and your data. But when the data becomes so BIG that you can’t process it with your existing infrastructure, then it’s time to consider a Big Data strategy.

At WHISHWORKS we have helped hundreds of businesses integrate their systems, applications and data using Anypoint Platform™ and an API-led connectivity approach. We have also worked with companies that deal with Big Data, to enable their Data Science and Machine Learning projects. In this guide we share our experience from integrations that tapped into the Big Data ecosystem using Anypoint Platform.

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