Pricing Intelligence Accelerator

Enhance your pricing strategy and competitive intelligence with the power of AI

WHISHWORKS' Pricing Intelligence Accelerator

In the era of fierce competition, when price difference amongst competitors is marginal and timing of offers is critical, missing out on important market intelligence is not an option. But, with information being shared in different formats (video, image, text etc), across different physical and digital channels, monitoring competitors can be a challenging task. 

WHISHWORKS’ Pricing Intelligence Accelerator is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to allow you to capture information on product, price, promotions and more, from different media and sources, in real timeThis information is transformed into a common format, analysed with other internal data sources, and displayed on a single dashboard, with comparative and recommendation tables. 

The Accelerator’s reference architecture significantly reduces development time, allowing you to focus on maximising your advantage. The end result is a smart pricing model and recommendation engine, tailored to your specific needs, that will enable you to know and compare pricing and price-related information for similar products from all your competitors, providing you with unprecedented analytical capability, insight and competitive advantage. 

Object Recognition

Object recognition

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Intelligent Price Analysis & Recommendation

Price analysis

Business Benefits



In the consumer market, timing is everything and CompeteML enables you to respond to external changes with agility and compete with the right price, at the right time.



Transforms a fragmented, labor intensive and often inefficient process, into a single automated solution based on real time information.



Enables a consistent stream of 24x7 pricing and price-related intelligence, eradicating the need for human intervention and ultimately eliminating human error.



Thanks to its Machine Learning engine, Compete ML becomes more intelligent as the business scales and acquires more data, ensuring you stay on top of your competition.

Reference Architecture

WHISHWORKS Pricing Intelligence reference architecture

IT Benefits


The accelerator incorporates a blueprint based on an open, flexible, proven technology architecture that allows for rapid changes, fine tuning and scaling up & down in a cost-efficient way.

Cost reduction

The accelerator and reference architecture enables you to develop the right solution from the start, preventing costly mistakes and unnecessary investments.


Outcome of the extensive experience we gained from other implementations, the accelerator drastically reduces development and implementation time.



Real-time data


Dashboards &
Visualisation tools

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