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Mule 4 Migration Services

Mule 4 is the latest and most advanced version of Mule yet. As an existing user of Anypoint Platform, you will appreciate the simplified expression language and the reduced management complexity Mule 4 brings, so you can speed up the on-ramping process and deliver applications faster than in Mule 3.

The complexity of the migration will depend on your existing Mule environment, including:

  • Current Mule version
  • Connectors
  • Configurations & properties
  • Anypoint Enterprise Security elements
  • Languages
  • MUnits
  • Customisations
  • Integration Patterns
  • Core components
  • API-led connectivity layered architecture

At WHISHWORKS we have worked extensively on Mule 4, from providing feedback on the beta version and migrating our connectors, to successfully completing our first migration projects for customers.

Our certified consultants will help ensure that your migration to Mule 4 is smooth and efficient, identifying issues in advance and reducing the impact of any changes to the production environment. We will:

  • Assess your Mule 4 readiness
  • Design the appropriate migration strategy 
  • Set a comprehensive project and Mule 4 migration plan
  • Execute and migrate to Mule 4 against the agreed plan


With WHISHWORKS you get assurance for a smooth transition with minimal business interruption. We provide a proven migration process based on years of successful implementations and numerous platform migrations and data integrations. Our Mule 4 specific experience, enables you to accelerate speed to value with guided best practices and automations for planning and implementation.

When should you consider migrating your applications:

  • The 3.x version you’re using reaches end of life
  • You want to make significant updates to the existing applications
  • You want to take advantage of key Mule 4 capabilities
  • You decide to upgrade all your apps to Mule 4 because you require all apps to be on one version


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