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MuleSoft Managed Services

There is more to our MuleSoft Consultancy services than simply taking things out of your hands. Our team of experienced specialists work closely with your own team, educating and informing while ultimately taking responsibility for end-to-end functionality.

Our scalable managed services have a proven track record in the management of every aspect of MuleSoft, giving you the chance to take advantage of our resources to ensure positive outcomes and fast ROI:

  • cut costs and boost efficiency
  • efficient, low-cost, flexible IT
  • maximum uptime


Over the past 10 years, WHISHWORKS has worked with hundreds of high-profile organisations, teaching them to control and monetise their data. Today, we are the partner of choice for businesses looking to launch their digital transformations from a solid foundation.

We are a worldwide IT services and consulting company. We work with MuleSoft, Hortonworks, MapR and Cloudera to develop innovative solutions that change the way our clients use their data. Specialising in Systems Integration and Big Data, our expert team will manage your project from planning to implementation, providing in-depth support along the way.

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