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Leveraging our extensive experience with MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, one of the ways we contribute to the MuleSoft ecosystem is by developing connectors that enable businesses to create instant connectivity. Our Connector Support Services are designed to help you do more with our MuleSoft-certified connectors.

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Connector Support Services

All connectors developed by WHISHWORKS are dedicated to the MuleSoft community and free to download and use from Anypoint Exchange. When our connectors are used with critical, enterprise level applications, there is often the need for ongoing support.

This is where our Connector Support Services can help ensure maximum performance and uptime for your connector. With WHISHWORKS' annual support service package you will have the peace of mind that your MuleSoft Certified Connector works for you!


Achieve more with your connectors

Key services

  • Ongoing technical support
  • Access to Support Engineers 
  • Unlimited cases
  • Connectivity & configuration
  •  Maintenance & updates
  • Version upgrades    

Key benefits

  • Streamlined and professional OEM support
  • Cost effective support model
  • Increased availability and reduced risk of failure
  • Extended life of the connector

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WHISHWORKS Mulesoft Certified Connectors


Microsoft Azure Storage Connector

The Microsoft Azure Storage Connector enables the seamless integration of modern applications that rely on durability, availability, and scalability with Microsoft's Azure secure cloud storage.

For help with the setup and use of our connector, see our FAQs.


Expedia Connector

The Expedia Connector allows users to search flights, cars, hotels, and packages. It uses APIs provided by Expedia using the RESTful interface.


Asana Connector

The Asana Connector, built by WHISHWORKS, allows Asana to connect to any Mule-based application in a user-friendly manner by leveraging Asana APIs.


MapR-DB Connector

The MapR-DB connector allows you to create document-based (structured) tables, as well as add, update and delete structured documents in MapR-DB from your Anypoint Platform.

What is API integration?

This animation explains in simple terms what is an API and when it's time for a company to consider moving from point-to-point integrations to API-led connectivity.

The API Recipe Book

A WHISHWORKS publication for developers, architects and IT managers to help them start and finish MuleSoft Anypoint Platform implementations.

Each recipe can be made from scratch and allows anyone with a good understanding of Java to master the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform.

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Cloud-based Connectivity

MuleSoft CloudHub is the only iPaaS (integration-platform-as-a-service) solution that securely connects software-as-a-service and on-premise applications as a hybrid deployment for maximum flexibility.

With no hardware to maintain and continuously updated software, it is a rapidly deployed, multi-tenanted, high availability platform with built-in disaster recovery. 

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API-Led Connectivity

Build new APIs, design fresh interfaces for existing ones, and manage all your APIs on a single platform. Rapidly expose enterprise data to mobile devices, web apps, and connected things in a secure controlled way.

Eliminate integration friction, and unleash the value of your information. 

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