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We are a Consulting Partner and Reseller of MapR Technologies. Our Big Data architects and consultants have worked extensively with the platform and its components and are certified to provide the support you need at each stage of your Big Data journey.
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Why use MapR?

The Silicon Valley-designed MapR Converged Data Platform, delivers enterprise-grade security, reliability and real-time performance while simultaneously lowering the operational and hardware costs of your organisation's applications and data. 

The platform integrates Apache Hadoop, Spark and Drill with its instant database capabilities, global event streaming and scalable storage to power a new generation of big data applications. At WHISHWORKS, our MapR consultants help you seamlessly migrate from the legacy data platforms, implement your use cases, and take advantage of all the new capabilities of your MapR Converged Data Platform and components.

Enterprise-Grade Platform Services

MapR Platform Services are the core data handling capabilities of the MapR Converged Data Platform. Its enterprise- friendly design provides a familiar set of file and data management solution, including a global namespace, high availability, data protection, self-healing clusters, access control, real-time performance, secure multi-tenancy, and management and monitoring. Modules include:

  • MapR-FS A POSIX file system that handles raw disk I/O for big data workloads.
  • MapR-DB Adds real-time, operational analytics to big data applications.
  • MapR Streams A global publish-subscribe event streaming system for big data.

Data Driven?

If you can't get your hands on the data you need to put your business ahead of the rest, then we can help.

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