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We are a certified Gold Consulting Partner and Reseller of Hortonworks. From big data strategy and roadmap to implementation, our learnings gained over dosens of projects with Hortonworks help design the right approach to your Big Data needs.
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Why use Hortonworks?

With Apache Hadoop at its core, Hortonworks offers a truly global data management solution, whether your data is at rest or in motion, on-site or in the cloud. As a Hortonworks Gold Consulting Partner and Reseller, we can help your organisation move to modern, state-of-the-art data architectures thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience using the platform. Our experienced Hortonworks consultants and integration experts  can create purpose-built solutions to meet your business requirements.



Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS)

Offers global data lifecycle management services with capabilities that enables your business to secure and govern data assets across platforms and environments, whilst allowing users to access trusted data available behind the firewall, public cloud, or a combination of both.

Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF™)

Collects, curates, analyses and delivers data in real-time, regardless of type or source, bringing to life the Internet of Anything (IoAT) for your organisation.

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®)

Allows the creation of a secure enterprise data lake and provides your business with real-time insight and analytics. It provides scalable, fault-tolerant and cost-efficient big data storage and processing capabilities with powerful tools for governance and security.

Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms Cloud Solutions

This is a fully-managed Apache Hadoop big data platform deployed on the cloud and featuring enterprise-level security and monitoring. Organisations can leverage the cloud and benefit from increased cost efficiencies and high scalability to augment their data strategy.

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