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Recording: How to successfully implement Anypoint Runtime Fabric

In this webinar, we will take you through the key areas you need to consider before the installation, so you can successfully implement Anypoint Runtime Fabric.

Anypoint Runtime Fabric is a container service that brings cloud benefits to on-premise deployments — whether they are in data centres or on a private cloud.

The uptake has been significant since its release, but there have been a lot of questions on how to install and set it up across different environments.

In this recording, we cover the things to consider to ensure your successful implementation of Anypoint Runtime Fabric in alignment with your IT environment and policies:

Core components
Network architecture
Hardware requirements
Best practices
New features

Recording: Transforming banking with event streaming

We once again join Confluent, this time to discuss the importance of event streaming in banking with real life customer examples.


Modern banking is not just about modern technologies. It calls for a change of the way we think about technology and the future of banking as a business.

For banks, perhaps more than any other organisation, the ability to capture and process events, as they happen, and analyse them within different contexts means that they can create better customer experiences, compete with digital native challengers, cope with new regulatory requirements and minimise risk.

With event streaming, it’s not about the technology anymore and it's not about the data. It’s about transforming the way we think and build our applications with events and context as the main drivers.

In this webinar recording, we discuss the changing landscape from traditional to contextual, event driven architectures with real-life examples of what different banks have achieved by adopting an event-streaming approach.