Enterprise Search Accelerator

Reduce time-to-insight by enabling real-time enterprise search at scale

WHISHWORKS’ Enterprise Search Accelerator is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable organisations to find relevant information from their enterprise data repositories in real time, and in compliance with security and data retention regulations.

WHISHWORKS' Enterprise Search Accelerator

Searching big volumes of enterprise data for insights is as daunting as finding a needle in a haystack. The ever-increasing number of data and data sources, brings many challenges to organisations who are looking to obtain new and meaningful insights. Organising, indexing, searching and retrieving data from disparate, often siloed systems can be an extremely resource intensive and time consuming process, with often questionable results.

Whether you want to investigate a complaint, track a transaction history, aggregate information about a customer, or uncover performance deficiencies, being able to retrieve relevant, inclusive information fast, will accelerate ROI whilst reducing effort and risk for the company.

With a fully tailor made solution based on WHISHWORKS’ Enterprise Search Accelerator, you will be able to perform truly unified searches, tapping into a data lake with real time data ingestion from a variety of sources to retrieve relevant information, fast and cost effectively. Designed around the needs of the user, the Accelerator provisions for a responsive interface and advanced visualisation tools to speed-up time-to-insight, whereas its reference architecture significantly reduces development time.

Business Benefits



Enables you to to search the entirety of your data, in real-time, to accelerate your decision making and minimise compliance risk.



Transforms a manual, labor intensive siloed search process into an efficient, single streamlined process saving on time, manpower and cost.



Provides complete flexibility enabling you to search across different data and data sources, systems, regardless of type, volume or throughput levels, via a single solution.



As time-to-insight becomes more critical for the business, you will be able to harness valuable information from the ever growing volume and complexity of data.

Reference Architecture

WHISHWORKS Enterprise Search Accelerator


IT Benefits

Cost reduction

The Accelerator and reference architecture enables you to develop the right solution from the start, preventing costly mistakes and unnecessary investments.


The Accelerator incorporates a blueprint based on an open, flexible, proven technology architecture that allows for rapid changes, fine tuning and scaling up & down in a cost-efficient way.


Outcome of the extensive experience we gained from other implementations, the Accelerator drastically reduces development and implementation time.

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Processing (NLP)

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