Retail transformation

Propel your business & get prepared for the future

At WHISHWORKS we have worked with many retailers to help them modernise their infrastructures, accelerate their transition to digital and grow their revenues across channels.

Time to re-prioritise your digital initiatives


Many retailers are urgently re-prioritising their eCommerce, eMarketing and eDelivery plans,  to keep their business afloat and get prepared for the future. At WHISHWORKS we have worked with many retailers including Clarks, Fat Face, Stella McCartney and Costa, to help them modernise their infrastructures, create connected supply chains and offer seamless omni-channel experiences.

Customer 360

We partner with Salesforce to enable you to get a unified 360 view of your customers, create seamless and personalised customer journeys to increase customer spend across digital and physical touchpoints.

Our Salesforce experts will help you tailor Salesforce Commerce cloud to your specific business model, and propel your business forward effectively and cost-efficiently.

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API-led integration

We champion API-led integration with MuleSoft, to allow you to fully integrate legacy and digital applications, seamlessly connect with your partner ecosystem, and accelerate time-to-market.

With Anypoint Platform, WHISHWORKS' expert support and more than 200 out-of-the-box connectors, you can get your first API integrations up and running in just a few weeks,  and benefit from increased agility, reusability and scalability.


Real-time actionable insights

We use data and analytics to help you produce actionable insights from internal and external sources, humans and machines, so you can innovate, be more proactive and accelerate your competitiveness.

We partner with all the leading platforms to help you reveal patterns and trends from data in real-time, deliver personalised recommendations and offers, and enable new insights and intelligent forecasting.


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Retail accelerators

Our strategic partnerships, together with our extensive experience within retail allow us to leverage tested frameworks and accelerators to speed up delivery and decrease cost.

Embedded quality

Through our dedicated Centres of Excellence we apply governance, best practice, and a DevOps methodology to every project, to ensure  the high quality of our deliverables.

Customer success

We work closely with the customer at all levels through our technical and account management teams, to ensure deliverables meet their current and future requirements, and they are fully enabled to leverage our solutions.


We have been working with Salesforce, MuleSoft and all major data platforms on hundreds of diverse projects. We are experts in what we do and, most importantly, we understand the challenges our customers are facing.

Want to future-proof your business?

We can help you accelerate your transition to digital and achieve measurable business outcomes faster.

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