Future-proof your business in the pharmaceutical industry

Challenge 1:

Insufficient data collection and management

The pharmaceutical industry handles an enormous amount of complex data, which must comply with numerous regulatory requirements across different regions and has to be securely stored and processed. According to current estimates, most scientific researchers waste 20 – 40% of their time just searching for and accessing data. Facilitating storage and access to this information will be an essential step to ensuring that pharma companies can maintain the flow of their work systems – including product recalls and improvements.

In addition to this, biotech companies need to access real-time data from the machines that are used in hospitals, clinics, factories and plants, so that they can develop population-specific insights that enable them to understand how new therapies affect different patients, and offer personalised medicines and gene therapies to meet individual needs.


End-to-end data management

At WHISHWORKS, our unrivalled team will help you to reach real-time agility and flexibility with your data, ensuring you can securely store and process all data from internal and external sources, and analyse it within its full context. We’ll work with you to implement solutions that provide immediate access to on-time support, and actionable insights from machines in hospitals, plants, clinics and factories.

With our support in transitioning to cloud-based systems, you can increase the availability, reliability and security of your data, so you can achieve a sustainable service quality, develop personalised medicines for patients, and ensure your data meets regulatory requirements across different regions.

Challenge 2:

Overcoming legacy solutions and practices

To remain competitive, pharma and biotech companies must continuously develop innovative medicines and therapies that can be tested, regulated and brought to market quickly. However, many practitioners and researchers in the industry work with redundant, repetitive and time-consuming processes throughout the product lifecycle, which slows development times and stalls innovation.


Deliver superior customer experiences

At WHISHWORKS, our certified experts can help you to create a truly connected and automated environment that removes rigid practices from the research and development process. This will ensure you can quickly determine the outcomes of experiments, accelerate the process of developing, testing and regulating new medicines and therapies, and speed up your time-to-market.

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