DIgitising student experiences in Higher Education

Challenge 1:

Evolving learning models

Now more than ever, higher education institutions need to be agile and responsive to meet the evolving needs of their staff, students, communities and governmental bodies. The recent coronavirus outbreak has created a new normal to which many higher education institutions are still trying to adapt. Whether they are reopening safely, continuing remote learning or both, a unified, digital first approach is needed to ensure that institutions remain competitive whilst developing resilient learning models for the new normal.


Improved ROI and revenue streams

WHISHWORKS digital transformation solutions can help you create a seamless experience for students and staff, whether on site or online, whilst removing unnecessary overheads. We will empower your team to truly leverage technology to start creating new services and new experiences that will help you evolve your learning models, attract new students, improve ratings, and expand your network.

Challenge 2:

System and data silos

In the past decade higher education institutions have invested heavily in procuring modern information systems, in order to provide new and innovative digital experiences for their students, faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders.

As the number of technologies deployed however increases, IT teams are working incessantly to integrate and manage the growing number of systems and applications, whether legacy or modern, on premise or on the cloud. To add to this complexity, many higher education institutions have expanded their footprint both geographically and digitally.
All this has left many institutions with a maze of direct or point-to-point integrations, hindering efficiency and effectiveness -essential components of quality education.


Support your ongoing transformation

At WHISHWORKS we can help you bring together all the different systems you use to manage programmes, staff, facilities, and payment processes into one comprehensive, integrated system. This will enable you to streamline operations, provide a better educational experience, and improve fund raising and enrolment, while significantly decreasing the cost and effort spent in manually entering information, repeating tasks, and compiling data.

Challenge 3:

Fragmented student experiences

At the heart of every student experience is SITS; the modular student records management system higher education institutions use to store, administer and manage all elements of student information throughout the students’ lifecycle. Moreover, the data held in SITS is used for statutory returns (information that HE institutions are required to submit to governmental organisations).

From admissions and enrolment, to study programmes and student finance and funding, SITS can transform staff and student experience provided the information is complete, up-to-date and accessible. However, a lot of higher education institutions struggle to make these data available to and from SITS in a way that eliminates manual processes and promotes automation, self-service and governance, while enabling more personalised and unified student experiences.


Effective student lifecycle management

At WHISHWORKS we will help you gain a 360° view of each student across academic, health, housing and accounting systems, by securely exposing that information. Our solutions will enable you to enhance your student lifecycle management approach, by easily designing an event-based flow of information across the entire student lifecycle, from application submission through to alumni membership.

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