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Costa Express

Costa Coffee is one of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing coffee show chains and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Whitbread Group. In addition to the hundreds of retail stores and franchises across the UK, Costa Coffee had self-service coffee machines installed at various locations, which were owned by Costa Express, another subsidiary of the Whitbread Group.

In order to maintain dominance in the market, Costa Express was looking to develop new methods of customer engagement, and to drive further take-up of the self-service model by ensuring that the machines provides a premium service which was in keeping with brand expectations.

WHISHWORKS proposed implementing a MuleSoft middleware platform to replace the existing point-to-point connections. The platform would be a cloud-based solution which included standardised messaging capabilities for ease of data exchange between systems.

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Rentokil Initial

Rentokill Initial is one of the world’s largest pest control, hygiene and workwear providers, with operations in over 60 countries.

WHISHWORKS developed a Mule ESB application to integrate their ERP systems with different trading partners in order to have a reliable message transfer and improved handshake mechanism.


Covidien (now Medtronic Minimally Invasive Therapies) was a global healthcare company and manufacturer of medical products and supplies. Being spun off from Tyco International in 2007, the firm was acquired by Medtronic in 2015.

At the time of contacting WHISHWORKS, Covidien was facing a cumbersome and time-consuming process for producing their daily sales reports. Being run every night, these reports were used by their sales staff and customers to provide information on inventory levels held by the company. WHISHWORKS implemented a Hadoop cluster to optimise this daily reporting process, centralising their data sources in a data lake and reducing the cost of storage and time to produce the reports from internal sources and systems.

The Hadoop platform enabled the company to produce the reports in just 20 minutes, a significant decrease from their previous 18 hour run time, and helping to drive success for the business.


Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company co-headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom. Its products include food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products.

Unilever had vast quantities of accumulated data stored in a data warehouse built on Teradata and Microsoft SQL Server. The technology was neither flexible nor scalable, and was proving costly to maintain.

WHISHWORKS set up a Microsoft Azure HDInsight Hadoop platform to scale the enterprise data warehouse, with a new data lake fed by sources such as SAP Business Objects, Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata.


Zurich Insurance is a global business offering insurance products and services for individuals and business, with operations in more than 170 countries.

At the time of engagement, Zurich’s legacy system Life3 had limited ability to accommodate changing business requirements needed to grow customer base. The new business required more complex business rules and customer data management systems than Life3 provided, and Zurich was keen to replace it to help grow the business.

WHISHWORKS was engaged to implement and support a MuleSoft ESB to provide a middleware layer for integrating new systems and applications for the business. The new architecture would be capable of handling multiple data types, maintaining high availability and ensure security of existing data.


Vertu is a European luxury mobile phones manufacturer and retailer that de-merged from its parent organisation and has turned into an independent organisation. Vertu is available in more than 500 stores, including 70 Vertu branded retailers, across 66 countries.

Vertu’s existing applications were linked by multiple point-to-point connections. This meant that many applications were not sharing information between them, in addition to adding huge maintenance overheads. Significant parts of their database were being duplicated, and growth was being hampered by the difficulty of adding further endpoints. Vertu wanted to re-organise their entire infrastructure to make it more agile and service oriented.

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HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. HSBC's international network comprises around 7,500 offices in over 80 countries.

Increasing demand for digital payments and other online banking activities from European customers required HSBC to find a better way to protect, process and extract meaningful intelligence from this huge stock of data.

WHISHWORKS created and implemented an advanced, interactive Big Data platform using HDF, enabling HSBC to understand customer behavior in online banking and improve security measures with Apache Metron at the same time.


Siemens managed millions of utility meters across the UK, but had an extremely low success rate in answering customer service requests. The organisation had huge operational costs due to their failure to meet their service schedules, and appointment failures were leading to a poor customer experience, falling commitment from partners and increased employee dissatisfaction.

WHISHWORKS aggregated various internal and external sources of data, including customers, meters, call centres, service data, weather and traffic. This data was ingested from multiple sources, and then statistical analysis was used to derive new insights and understand the reasons for appointment failures.

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Worldpay started as an electronic payment system called Streamline which was first released by CentreFile in 1989 in the UK, and has provided international multi-currency processing since 1992 and Internet payment services in 1994, making it one of the first providers of such services in the world.

We carried out an architecture review of their security setup on their 40 node cluster and recommended improvements. Syncing of Ranger metadata databases was also carried out with in-house expertise.


BlueCrest Capital Management Limited ("BCML") is an alternative asset management business based in Jersey, and established in 2000.

WHISHWORKS is providing SunGuard Front Arena consulting, custom application development and integration services in the area of Trading, Risk Management and Operations.


In today’s technology-driven world the idea of a loyalty program is a widely recognised and accepted concept. Both High Street and online retailers offer consumers rewards in return for their purchasing information.

These programmes help companies attract consumers and build brand loyalty. Retailers around the world recognise the value of these schemes and are actively looking for high-performance platforms and analytics to help them to make the most of the data they provide.

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Bonmarché is one of the UK’s largest women's clothing retailers focused on selling affordable clothing and accessories via their store portfolio, website, mail order catalogues and through the Ideal World TV shopping channel. Established in 1982, the Bonmarché business has more than 30 years of experience in this growing market segment, operating out of 300+ stores across the UK. WHISHWORKS was tasked with integrating eCommerce platform Demandware with their other backend systems (ERP NOVA PENNINE and GI CRM). is part of the Saudi Ebreez Travel and Tourism Company, which offers integrated travel services and solutions for people residing in Saudi Arabia, across the Middle East and around the world. faced several technical challenges around polling suppliers - the inability to run parallel executions, consolidate responses, and the sequencing, timing and load balancing of their high availability service.

Using Mule ESB, the development team were quickly able to develop and deploy a complete solution stack to meet the specific challenges of parallel execution, timing, sequencing and high availability.


Capula Investment Management is a multi-billion dollar hedge fund which used computer systems to find profitable patterns within financial data and execute buy and sell orders. Their existing system did not support complex trading patterns such as short sell orders, LIMIT and TWAP, and was unable to allow cancellations, fills or terminations. WHISHWORKS proposed a centralised, order routing system and dashboard to improve and enhance order flow for the business, as well a unified mechanism for implementing a SWIFT communication system.

Due to the requirements of different brokers, the FIX protocol could be used to enabled communication, with XML based message transformation being used to link the protocol to a new .net based solution.

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Vision Express

Part of Europe's largest optical retail group GrandVision, Vision Express has more than 390 stores nationwide and continues to maintain its position as one of the leading and most trusted opticians in the UK and Ireland. In Europe Vision Express continues to strengthen its position through sister eye care brands Grand Optical, Solaris and Generale D'Optique. WHISHWORKS was hired to develop a real-time diary system. At the beginning of the project, all customer and stock records were manually recorded, but customers wanted a seamless booking experience through their existing web channel, and an API-led ability to diary management. The MuleSoft platform developed by WHISHWORKS not only enabled this, but also allowed customers to be directed to nearest store.


Whitbread is the UK’s largest hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator with 50,000 employees who are passionate about making everyday experiences special for millions of customers both in the UK and overseas.

Whitbread used a location specific Billing and Ticketing Systems (BTS). The data generated from these systems was stored in silos and could not be up-streamed to Whitbread’s Treasury Management System (TMS), making it difficult to track revenue.

WHISHWORKS implemented API-led connectivity through MuleSoft, which allowed Whitbread’s TMS and BTS systems to interact with each other. The systems were able to exchange data in any format needed.

The Foundry

The Foundry is a global software company headquartered in London. With a mission to empower artists and designers across the world, they develop tools, technologies and processes that enable them to bring their ideas to life faster and more effectively.

The Foundry engaged WHISHWORKS to provide a better solution to its existing IT landscape. The goal was to improve sync processes between Salesforce and SAP B1 by leveraging the out-of-the-box integration and batch features of MuleSoft’s ESB cloud platform.

The Mule batch process retrieves account or invoice information from Salesforce at regular intervals, updating records in SAP, using SAP SOAP-based Web services. In case of a data mapping or validation issue, the failed record will be properly logged in an error file.


uDrove® is a business and compliance management tool for the transportation industry which can be run using just a smartphone. The tool allows tracking of information on driving logs, mileage, fuel and expense records and inspection data. An affiliate of, uDrove was created in 2009 to expand the company’s vision of providing an affordable fleet management solution for the transport industry.

WHISHWORKS was involved in complete migration of their fleet management product from one technology to another, along with integrationof with Google Maps, GPS Tracking and other technologies.

Survitec Group

Survitec Group is a one-stop-shop for safety and survival solutions across the globe. They hold market-leading positions worldwide in marine, offshore, defence and aerospace survival technology.

Survitec is an acquisitive company and needed to streamline and access silos of purchase data as well as analyse consumer behavior patterns from a variety of inherited systems across their portfolio.

With the dual capability of Hortonworks and MuleSoft, WHISHWORKS has provided them a single one-click access point where Survitec can analyse data for any product across the globe. This ability drastically improved their reporting capabilities.

Sita UK

SITA UK is a recycling and resource management company, who were looking to replace their legacy system with SAP. WHISHWORKS was engaged to migrate and de-dupe records and standardizing messaging formats. Their existing middleware platform (Sonic) was eventually replaced with a MuleSoft ESB, installed and optimised by our team.


Lumesse is a UK based HR software company which provides solutions for attracting, managing and developing human resource talent.

Lumesse's objective was to improve their internal operations and infrastructure in order to optimise their data for their future expansion. WHISHWORKS was engaged to evaluate their existing Enterprise Architecture and advise on improvements.


Founded in 1999, Globoforce is the global leader in employee recognition services, delivering employee initiatives for some of the world’s largest and most trusted global organisations. As a rapid growth company, Globoforce recognised that improvements in internal operations and infrastructure was needed in order to optimise performance for future expansion.

As market leading Big Data experts, WHISHWORKS carried out a complex evaluation of the company’s Enterprise Architecture, and delivered a full plan of delivery for their Big Data requirements.

White Stuff

British fashion and lifestyle brand that sells women’s and men’s clothing, accessories and gifts in over 100 shops in the United Kingdom, shops in Germany and Denmark, via mail-order catalogues and through its website.

Through its ecommerce platform, Intershop, White Stuff processes orders made by customers across UK and Ireland. However, management could not use the website to garner intelligence on visitors for decision-making. They needed to integrate the website with their Microsoft Navision system, a mid-range ERP incorporating CRM; their visual merchandising tool, Attraqt, BazaarVoice a website chat and review tool for customers, and their predictive search tool, Criteo, as well as Google Shop.

WHISHWORKS implemented cloud based API-led connectivity through MuleSoft Cloudhub. which successfully integrated the White Stuff ecommerce website to their other platforms. The data from the ecommerce website is now easily down-streamed to their management reporting tools used make informed decisions and grow the business.


LGC is global life sciences measurement and testing company who have provided reference materials, genomic solutions and testing products and services for a range of sectors since 1842. In order to carry out their work, LGC handles a wide range of data types and sources on a daily basis. Their system searches were being carried out using basic Windows search functionality which limited visibility to certain document types, and was slow to return results.

The challenge was therefore to identify information accurately, whilst reducing overall search times, and help develop reports from data that was scattered across multiple sources. WHISHWORKS built a platform that centralised their storage layer, increasing and optimising their search capabilities, reducing search time to mere milliseconds, helping to produce relevant and timely reports internally and for their clients.


Starzplay is a leading entertainment content provider, who offered a range of payment options to their customer base, including Direct Carrier Billing. DCB was considered to be critical to business success, due to the flexibility, and ease of access and targeting new customers it afforded the company.

Despite this, the process for on-boarding new carriers was expensive and time-consuming for the business, with the average time to fully integrate a new carrier being nearly three months.

WHISHWORKS built a framework using MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform which acted as a foundation to carrier integration. Using an AGILE methodology, common components of the integration process were identified, designed and developed, with the long-term goal being a significant reduction in the time and cost required to on-board new carriers.

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UK Data Archive

The UK Data Archive is the curator of the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the United Kingdom. With several thousand datasets relating to society, both historical and contemporary, the Archive is a vital resource for researchers, teachers and learners.

WHISHWORKS was engaged to build a Microsoft Azure based cluster set up to ingest data from multiple in-house and third party systems.

Teletext Holidays

Every year, hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers trust Teletext Holidays to whisk them away to their dream destinations. One of the oldest names in travel, they offer a huge choice of hotels, airlines, transfers and holiday deals to help personalise the perfect getaway for customers.

Teletext Holidays is a fast growing organisation with an ever expanding portfolio of travel partners. WHISHWORKS’ expertise and MuleSoft’s integration platform allowed them to move from a legacy architecture no longer capable of supporting the business, to a scalable solution that reduced on-boarding times for suppliers, and provided faster response rates for customers.


Markit is a global financial information and services company with over 4,000 employees globally. We were engaged to deliver a Quickstart installation of Spark and integration with Zeppelin. Our engineers were able to integrate two versions of Spark and Zeppelin which were previously considered incompatible by rebuilding the binaries and making changes to the code cbase to allow the systems to interact as intended.


The Queensland Building and Construction Commission supports the growing Queensland community by providing information, advice and regulation to ensure the maintenance of proper building standards, remedies for defective building work. This project was one of WHISHWORKS’ first integration projects, where we integrated multiple third party systems including Salesforce, Avoka, Customer Foundation, iPaaS and the systems used by the Sites & Titles offices.

C. Hoare & Co

Hoare’s Bank the UK’s oldest Private Bank, founded in 1672, and provides private banking, financial planning and investment management services for a range of high net worth individuals. As an established bank with significant heritage, the business was planning to launch contactless payment cards and mobile banking services for their clients.

WHISHWORKS was engaged to help drive the introduction of these services, and provide a solution which maintained security whilst providing the required information with sufficient speed. A digital banking platform was chosen to deliver the required services, and a MuleSoft middleware layer was introduced by WHISHWORKS as a channel for information exchange between the platform and the core banking systems.

The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health is a health and medical research institute whose mission is to improve health standards around the world. With active projects in more than 50 countries, the business is ranked among the top ten research institutions in the world for research impact.

WHISHWORKS was engaged to provide a low-cost, high-quality healthcare delivery system, with internal systems being connected through a MuleSoft Anypoint platform. The platform utilizes advanced smartphone-based technologies that provide the healthcare employee with personalized clinical decision support to guide the Systematic Medical Appraisal Referral and treatment of individual patients.


A subsidiary of MaxisIT Inc, ClinAsia is a clinical solutions partner to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sectors.

ClinAsia is a research organisation which handles huge amount of clinical data in various formats that come from various sources and file systems. Processing of all this data use to range from several hours to days. WHISHWORKS proposed a solution which reduced the processing time and is also hardware independent.


Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) is Ireland's national public transport provider, managing national, regional and local services. We helped CIE to set up an Enterprise Architecture Practice which included the best practices for design and development of IT infrastructure, based on our market leading position as a MuleSoft Strategic Partner.


Simplyhealth are a 140 year old health insurance company based in the UK, with over three million customers. As a growth by acquisition company, multiple systems had led to fractured data storage and an incomplete customer view. As part of a new business initiative, Salesforce CRM was to be used to align multiple systems in a unified manner. WHISHWORKS designed and built a MuleSoft ESB based application which integrated multiple back office systems to a uniform data source, with Mule ESB’s Salesforce connector used for rapid integration.

The implementation use Salesforce Bulk APIs which allowed migration of large volumes of data, with the ESB providing batch management for efficient migration, transformation and processing of data from source system to Salesforce

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Ericsson provides information and communication technology infrastructures to global telecommunications and ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Ericsson needed to improve authorisation and authentication security across the customer teams using the company’s IT infrastructure to extract their own customer’s data for usage analytics, auditing and customer service monitoring.

WHISHWORKS worked as a Big Data security advisor to Ericsson, implementing secure Kerberos and MapR encryption layers across all Ericsson clusters. Ericsson now have strict authorisation, authentication and data governance controls across all their operations

House of Fraser

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