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The WHISHWORKS client showcase.

Fat Face

Systems Integration | MuleSoft Anypoint Platform | Omnichannel | Retail

Fat Face is a lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer, based in the UK. WHISHWORKS helped them replace their point-to-point connections and seamlessly integrate their new e-Commerce platform with the other enterprise systems of the company.

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Systems Integration | Anypoint Platform | Warehouse Integration

With Anypoint Platform and WHISHWORKS’ integration expertise, Clarks are able to unlock their data, meet their customers on their terms and continue to function effectively as an innovative global shoe manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler.

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Systems Integration | MuleSoft | Anypoint Platform | Recycling

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK (SUEZ)  employs over 5,000 people across 300 locations. WHISHWORKS implemented MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to give SUEZ the much-needed connectivity and tools to unify and accelerate their efforts to collect, analyse and share information.

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Costa Express

Systems Integration | MuleSoft Middleware | CloudHub | Retail

Costa Express provides self-service coffee machines around the globe. To accelerate its global expansion plans, the company wanted to move from a rigid point-to-point integration model to a more scalable and reliable platform.

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eCommerce Integration | Anypoint Platform | Retail

Bata is the world’s leading shoemaker serving more than 1 million consumers a day. Bata engaged WHISHWORKS to procure and implement Anypoint Platform, remove point-to-point integrations, automate core processes, and ensure their e-Commerce platform was seamlessly integrated.

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Low Cost Travel Group

Systems Integration | MuleSoft ESB | Anypoint Platform | Travel

The Low Cost Travel Group provides affordable travel packages. Booking data were coming in fragmented, from different source systems. WHISHWORKS helped them gain a unified view of their data with multiple source migration, contact consolidation & real-time reporting.

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Big Data | Hortonworks | Centre of Excellence | Energy

Siemens provide metering and energy management solutions to power and utility companies across the UK. With the introduction of Smart Metering across country, Siemens brought in WHISHWORKS to help them improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Systems Integration | MuleSoft | SWIFT | .NET | Investment Management

Capula is a global fixed income specialist firm located in London. Their existing system did not support complex trading patterns and were unable to support cancellations, executions or terminations. WHISHWORKS helped them reduce costs, minimise risk and optimise on-boarding.

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Systems Integration | MuleSoft ESB | Salesforce | Health Insurance

Simplyhealth is a UK-based health insurance company. Their multiple systems had led to fragmented data storage and customer view. To provide Simplyhealth with a centralised, unified vew of their customers, WHISHWORKS implemented MuleSoft's Salesforce integration solution.

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Data Lake | Hortonworks | Event search | Financial

Worldpay is a leading payments processing services provider. WHISHWORKS helped them implement an enterprise-wide data lake, improve their data analytics and optimisation capabilities, and build solutions to cater for integrated payments.

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Systems Integration | MuleSoft ESB | Anypoint Platform

Vertu is a European luxury mobile phones manufacturer and retailer. Their point-to-point integrations were becoming too complex, with broken or missing interfaces between applications. WHISHWORKS reorganised their entire infrastructure to make it agile and service oriented.

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Big Data | Hortonworks AWS | Loyalty Analytics

AIMIA is a loyalty analytics company which provides various loyalty management programs to its clients. WHISHWORKS integrated their in-house and third party systems using dynamic scaling, to help them handle their growing data load and analyse point-of-sale data.

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Systems Integration | MuleSoft ESB | Anypoint Platform | CloudHub

STARZ Play, a subscription video on demand service, wanted to use a Direct Carrier Billing model, but onboarding new carriers was expensive and time consuming. Using MuleSoft APIs, WHISHWORKS simplified infrastructures and processes for faster carrier onboarding and improved ROI.

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HR Software Integration

HR Software Integration | Anypoint Platform | CloudHub

The client is a global Talent Management firm that had many legacy systems and data siloes. Using MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and CloudHub, WHISHWORKS created a fully connected ecosystem and improved the way the firm brings value to its customers and partners.

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Costa Coffee

Anypoint Platform | Systems Integration | Unified Customer View | Loyalty

Costa Coffee is the largest coffee shop chain in the UK and second largest in the world. WHISHWORKS helped Costa connect data, systems and applications to realise its objective for providing its customers with a unified omnichannel, personalised, and immediate experience.

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Personalised Experiences

Marketing Cloud | Salesforce Lightning | Personalised Communication

The client is a multi-billion financial services firm. WHISHWORKS helped them leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud and achieve personalised customer experiences, higher user engagement and enhanced agent productivity.

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