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MuleSoft Digital Connect part 2: The value of integration


In the first part of our MuleSoft Digital Connect series the focus was on how MuleSoft helps companies become more agile, enabling everyone in the organisation to become more digitally independent and innovate. In this blog we share some of the [...]

MuleSoft Digital Connect part 1: Here comes everybody


This year has so far been anything but usual, and unfortunately, not in a good way. However, as many of the speakers pointed out during MuleSoft’s Digital Connect, amidst the crisis comes inspiration, motivation and innovation to help shape a new [...]

71% of IT leaders see legacy systems modernisation as key to becoming a connected business


During the recent London MuleSoft Summit, we asked CIOs, IT leaders, integration architects and development leads to tell us about their progress with integrating their systems and applications. Following are the main points from their responses [...]

Why Higher Education Institutions need to leave direct integrations in the past

by Ruchi Nandita

In the past decade higher education institutions have invested heavily in procuring modern information systems, in order to provide new and innovative digital experiences for their students, faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders.

8 questions to answer before starting a digital transformation overhaul

by Vad Bruns

WHISHWORKS' Vad Bruns discusses at bobsguide.com the most critical questions companies need to be able to answer before they go ahead with a digital transformation overhaul.