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Adopting a test-driven development approach in Salesforce

by Anupam Tripathi

As developers we often tend to approach requests or user stories in isolation moving straight away into development. At first glance this might seem the fastest path to delivery, but very often it’s the start of a prolonged development life cycle [...]

How to automate MUnit generation using Anypoint Studio Test Recorder

by Maharsh Kapadia

MUnit is a Mule application testing framework, used to generate unit tests for mule flows. MUnit is fully integrated with Anypoint Studio and provides multiple ways to generate MUnit tests; Manual (File Menu option and Mule Flow Context Menu [...]

MuleSoft Digital Connect part 2: The value of integration


In the first part of our MuleSoft Digital Connect series the focus was on how MuleSoft helps companies become more agile, enabling everyone in the organisation to become more digitally independent and innovate. In this blog we share some of the [...]

MuleSoft Digital Connect part 1: Here comes everybody


This year has so far been anything but usual, and unfortunately, not in a good way. However, as many of the speakers pointed out during MuleSoft’s Digital Connect, amidst the crisis comes inspiration, motivation and innovation to help shape a new [...]

Implementing your APIs with zero trust


Cyber security has changed a lot over the past few years, creating a gap between what we used to know and protect our data from, and what the current challenges and threats are. At our webinar titled ‘Implementing your APIs with zero trust’, Kiet [...]

Ranked among the fastest growing Indian companies in the UK


In the seventh edition of the Grant Thornton India meets Britain Tracker 2020, WHISHWORKS was listed among the top 15 of the fastest growing Indian companies in the UK. Making its India meets Britain Tracker debut, the company was qualified based [...]

How to “crisis-proof” your online business


The global impact of COVID-19 on businesses is unprecedented. With lockdown measures stopping all foot traffic to traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores, both B2C and B2B organisations must look to eCommerce to survive. Faced with this sudden [...]

How to encrypt/decrypt messages in Mule with a JCE strategy

by Kiran Kumar Boddepalli

The Mule cryptography module provides the capability to encrypt/decrypt and sign the messages using asymmetric and symmetric keys and it supports PGP, JCE (Java Cryptography Extension) and XML strategies to encrypt messages. Of these, JCE is the [...]

3+1 reasons why Mule 4 improves developer experience


Mule 4 (the short name for Mule runtime version 4 which is the lightweight integration engine behind MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform) runs the Mule applications, supports the domains and the policies and it’s the industry’s only runtime that can be [...]