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“Hindsight is 2020” – how Mule’s future will be shaped by its past

by Sandeep Gupta

In this blog, we explore why we shouldn’t be so quick to forget our Mule ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) roots. Understanding MuleSoft’s past offering, will help us better appreciate its foundational strengths and substantiate why MuleSoft is set to [...]

Password tokenisation in Mule 4

by Ramu Daruru

In the blog titled 'How to enable Secure Property Placeholder in MuleSoft', we have discussed how to encrypt properties and sensitive data that might float in and out of the applications and may be visible to the development and support teams.

How to enable Secure Property Placeholder in MuleSoft

by Raveendar Reddy Bandaru

Secure Property Placeholder is an important standard for keeping our sensitive data like User ID and Password secure (encrypted/cypher-text) in the Property file.  Data is stored in the property file as key value pair. This property file can [...]

Anypoint Platform Identity Management - OKTA

by Kiran Kumar Boddepalli

MuleSoft Anypoin Platform™ supports identity management using external identity providers like OKTA, PingFederate and OpenAM.

5 challenges with Systems Integration

by Rupesh Sinha

In today’s world, every enterprise has a diverse set of applications and systems. Connecting those systems is often a requirement for business needs and is a challenge for their IT. This article emphasizes some of the most common problems in [...]

Integrate Mule ESB with Microsoft Office-365 SharePoint

by Sanjeet Pandey


MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform to connect any application, data service or an API, across the cloud and on-premise continuum. Microsoft Office-365 SharePoint is a cloud-based Content management infrastructure [...]

The Anypoint Expedia Connector Developed by WHISHWORKS

by Srinivas Rallabandi

Expedia is an online travel portal that facilitates the search for flights, hotels, cars, and holiday packages. Expedia has a huge partner and affiliate network that makes it a powerful presence in the online travel sector. With more than 43% of [...]

WHISHWORKS Named Top Services Delivery Partner, EMEA


WHISHWORKS Recognised by MuleSoft for Third Consecutive Year in MuleSoft Partner Awards

WHISHWORKS today announced it has been named Services Delivery Partner, EMEA by MuleSoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks.

The Anypoint Asana Connector developed by WHISHWORKS

by Srinivas Rallabandi

Asana is a web-based software-as-a-service designed to improve team collaboration. It focuses on allowing users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email. Each team can create a workspace. Workspaces contain projects, and [...]