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Why Local Governments need Digital Transformation


As the population in the UK is increasing so is the demand of Local Government services. IT departments are under increased pressure to find new ways to decrease costs, while delivering a higher quality of services for citizens. According to [...]

Feature: Data at the heart of Europe's Digital Economy

by Suman Konkumalla

Innovation in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but also business innovation is required to take advantage of the new reality in which value is increasingly created from intangible assets.

Integration trends that will drive 2018


Integrated systems and applications are disrupting industries at lightning speed and CEOs are feeling the pressure to deploy the right technologies as we enter 2018. Integration specialists around the world expect to see an exponential growth in [...]

Big Data trends that will drive 2018


6 million Big Data developers were working worldwide by the end of 2017, adding up to a total of $57 billion market of Big Data (of which $18.3 billion are attributed to the Business Intelligence market). Big Data specialists are expecting to see [...]

Banking and the Internet of Things


According to a recent report by Gartner, there are approximately 8.4 billion devices globally that are internet enabled and can communicate with other devices, creating the Internet of Things (IoT). This figure is expected to more than double by [...]

APIs in the IoT

by Govind Mulinti

There is a lot of discussion and debate about what the Internet of Things (IoT) is and how it can be used. In this blog I will explain how the IoT is not just about Internet connections between ‘things’ but that it presents an expansive [...]