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WHISHWORKS Named Top Services Delivery Partner, EMEA


WHISHWORKS Recognised by MuleSoft for Third Consecutive Year in MuleSoft Partner Awards

WHISHWORKS today announced it has been named Services Delivery Partner, EMEA by MuleSoft, provider of the leading platform for building application networks.

Mule 2 to Mule 3 Migration Case Study

by Rupesh Sinha

This healthcare company had undergone an organisational restructuring and wanted to adopt a more agile approach to business development. They were running legacy applications on an older version of MuleSoft, so it was difficult for the [...]

Developing a successful API

by admin

APIs are transforming the world of IT, delivering agility, consumer focus and improved revenue opportunity, but simply building an API isn’t enough to achieve success – you need development management to ensure delivery of key business objectives [...]

Simplifying Deployment and Config Management with Vagrant and Ansible


Developing a monolithic application is fairly easy. However, it is a different ball game when multiple systems are involved. The complexity increases multi-fold for every new system brought into the environment.

Dockerizing MuleSoft ESB

by Govind Mulinti

Today in IT industry, everyone expects that the environment in which we test the application should be similar to the final deployment environment as possible, if not identical.

Mule Transactions for Reliable Message processing in CloudHub


Mule Transactions for Reliable Message processing in CloudHub:

Messages read from message brokers need to be processed reliably by ESBs with zero message loss. Messages can be lost because of multiple reasons, including but not limited [...]

Canonical Data Model

by Govind Mulinti

Often, people from various business units have different terms or abbreviations for the same concept, which may lead to an error while interpretation.

For example, the purchase order number can be denoted in several ways with different parameters [...]

Synchronous Communication using JMS Back-channel

by Rupesh Sinha


Java Messaging Service is often used for asynchronous communication between client and server. Mule ESB allows JMS for synchronous communication wherein the client and server can  be be completely decoupled. The JMS synchronous [...]

Integrate Mule ESB with Amazon S3

by Sanjeet Pandey


MuleSoft provides the most widely used integration platform to connect any application, data service or API, across the cloud and on-premise continuum. Amazon S3 is cloud-based data-storage infrastructure that is accessible to the user [...]