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Why Local Governments need Digital Transformation


As the population in the UK is increasing so is the demand of Local Government services. IT departments are under increased pressure to find new ways to decrease costs, while delivering a higher quality of services for citizens. According to [...]

The Business Sense of Artificial Intelligence

by Gaurav Bhardwaj

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, from social media platforms using AI to analyse content and behaviours, to digital platforms like Amazon and Netflix that use AI for their recommendation engines. With (now) quantifiable benefits and [...]

WHISHWORKS steps up innovation for Clarks


WHISHWORKS, a MuleSoft® strategic partner and Big Data specialist, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by international shoe manufacturer and retailer Clarks, to help optimise supply chain operations and create a truly connected and [...]

Feature: Data at the heart of Europe's Digital Economy

by Suman Konkumalla

Innovation in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but also business innovation is required to take advantage of the new reality in which value is increasingly created from intangible assets.

Animation: Big Data made simple


We are now creating more data in every two days than was created from the dawn of civilisation all the way up to 2003 (a figure in the area of five exabytes or 5 trillion megabytes). This has led to a lot of talk around 'Big' data. And with it, [...]

WHISHWORKS appointed G-Cloud 10 supplier


WHISHWORKS, an expert MuleSoft Integration and Big Data services provider, has been successfully listed as an approved G-Cloud 10 supplier by the UK Government. Among the key inclusion criteria were proof of suitability for use in government [...]

Integration trends that will drive 2018


Integrated systems and applications are disrupting industries at lightning speed and CEOs are feeling the pressure to deploy the right technologies as we enter 2018. Integration specialists around the world expect to see an exponential growth in [...]

8 questions to answer before starting a digital transformation overhaul

by Vad Bruns

WHISHWORKS' Vad Brun discusses at the most critical questions companies need to be able to answer before they go ahead with a digital transformation overhaul.

There has been a lot of talk about the high rates of digital [...]

SOA Service Registry/Repository and Service Discovery

by Sreekanth Kondapalli

Technology is changing faster than ever. Today, many organizations are looking up to SOA as an architectural solution to provide a robust computing platform in order to connect to legacy systems. In this architectural paradigm there is a focus on [...]