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What is Big Data


Big data is a term used to describe data sets – both structured (eg databases) and unstructured (eg patient records)– that are too large or complex for traditional applications to process.

Your data goldmine - how to capture it, hold it, categorise it and use it

by Khyati Sahu

Believe it or not, data mining for business intelligence is not dissimilar to mining in the physical world, where, say, a precious metal extracted from the earth is transferred to a processing plant, filtered, refined and fashioned into jewellery [...]

What does it mean to be a data driven organisation?


Most companies today claim to be fluent in data, but as with most new business initiatives, these claims can sometimes be slightly exaggerated. We all know that companies are producing more digital assets than ever before, but what does a truly [...]

Data driven security: Machine data is the first line of defence

by Arpan Rajani

One of the major business trends from the past decade is the growing digitalisation of customer interactions. With all industries looking at ways to take a more digital and integrated approach to how they work, there is a significant opportunity [...]