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71% of IT leaders see legacy systems modernisation as key to becoming a connected business


During the recent London MuleSoft Summit, we asked CIOs, IT leaders, integration architects and development leads to tell us about their progress with integrating their systems and applications. Following are the main points from their responses [...]

Point-to-point versus API integration

by Sarma Kalamchety

Here is a well-known fact: We live in a highly connected world. Every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, whether as individuals, businesses or machines. And we do so using numerous devices and applications.

Why Higher Education Institutions need to leave direct integrations in the past

by Ruchi Nandita

In the past decade higher education institutions have invested heavily in procuring modern information systems, in order to provide new and innovative digital experiences for their students, faculty, administrators, and other stakeholders.

Mule Bytes: Proxy Vs Auto-Discovery


Proxy: When we are creating a Proxy in API Manager we are adding governance (applying policies, managing traffic, adding authentication methods, etc.) to an API which already exists and it is going to consume 0.1 vCore by default.

What is an API and how does it enable Connectivity?

by Mukul Agarwal

API (Application Programming Interface) is a programming-based software interface that acts like a bridge between two or more applications and/or systems, enabling them to seamlessly communicate with each other without making any change in the [...]

Fat Face Enhances Customer Experience with API-Led Connectivity


WHISHWORKS is pleased to announce that Fat Face, a leading lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer, has successfully implemented and deployed MuleSoft’s Anypoint PlatformTM. With Anypoint Platform and WHISHWORKS’ integration expertise, Fat [...]

Why Retailers should invest in Warehouse Management integration

by Joseph Merat-Esfandiari

The uptake of digital as a key sales channel (be it through mobile apps or ecommerce sites) has made effective inventory management and logistics an increasingly complex challenge for many retail organisations. Market uncertainty, seasonality and [...]

Integration trends that will drive 2018


Integrated systems and applications are disrupting industries at lightning speed and CEOs are feeling the pressure to deploy the right technologies as we enter 2018. Integration specialists around the world expect to see an exponential growth in [...]

WHISHWORKS Announces 31 API recipes for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform


A new practical guide from WHISHWORKS to help developers design, implement, and deploy feature-rich APIs with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform