2 more clouds in our pocket!

  • Written By WHISHWORKS
  • 29/10/2020

We are very excited to announce that WHISHWORKS has become an accredited partner for two more Salesforce clouds, Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud.

With many customers active in these industries, we have identified distinct areas where Salesforce would be able to help them overcome critical challenges and accelerate innovation and growth.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

For firms within the Financial Services space, Salesforce Financial Service Cloud will help deepen customer relationships with a unified financial services experience. Our Salesforce experts will help tailor Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to the firm’s specific business model, and integrate sales, service, and marketing into a consistent, personalised customer experience across all departments and communication channels.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Healthcare organisations are now facing more new challenges than ever before. Salesforce Health Cloud places the patient at the centre so that Healthcare organisations can provide personalised, high quality care for their patients whilst staying up to speed with the changing technological and regulatory environment. Our Health Cloud experts will help connect conversations, devices, processes, services, and patient data into a single, unified view, enabling Healthcare organisations to enhance patient journeys.  

Similar to healthcare organisations, the pressure on Life Sciences companies for more breakthrough innovation, faster, has never been higher. With technology, people and regulators at the centre front, we can help implement Health Cloud to a company’s specific needs. With Salesforce Health Cloud and WHISHWORKS, companies in the Life Sciences space can become more agile, and engage with patients, physicians and partners in new, innovative and more impactful ways.

If you would like to find out more about how WHISHWORKS can help you leverage Salesforce to accelerate business outcomes, give us a call or email us at marketing@whishworks.com

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