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Distributed cache on CloudHub using Mule 4.x Object Store V2

by Sanjeet Pandey

As API usage is growing day by day, we are experiencing more load on the CloudHub workers resulting in performance issues. To achieve the same load and resolve the performance bottleneck on a smaller number of vCores in CloudHub, Mule has Cache [...]

Takeaways from our recent MuleSoft Meetup on Mule 4

by Raveendar Reddy Bandaru

A couple of weeks ago we held our first MuleSoft Meetup in Hyderabad India, aiming to share what’s new with the latest release of Anypoint Platform. With us were Sourabh Singhai, Product Owner at, Mahesh Shenoy, Director – Partner [...]

Big Data round-up | September 2018


From IoT and AIOps to real-time streaming and Facebook’s LogDevice, in this month's Big Data round-up we are sharing some of the most recent posts and announcements that caught the eye of our Big Data specialists. 

New Anypoint MapR-DB Connector by WHISHWORKS


MapR-DB is a high-performance NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database management system built into the MapR Data Platform. It is a highly scalable multi-model database that brings together operations and analytics, and real-time streaming and database [...]

Modern Customers Require Effective Systems Integration

by Edward Davies

WHISHWORKS' Edward Davies discusses with Retail Tech News how systems integration can help retailers tackle data problems head-on, as well as the challenges of effective data analytics. 

How will Artificial Intelligence change the banking industry

by Carlos Somohano

WHISHWORKS' Carlos Somohano discusses the changes AI will bring in the banking industry with Global Banking & Finance Review

HDP 3.0 - a big stride for deep learning and data science

by Arun Kumar Vangala

Though the existing Big Data systems are performing well to cater to the huge data volumes that are currently being analysed on a day to day basis, with ever increasing data volumes and with data sources generating newer forms of data, there is [...]

Continuous Delivery in Big Data

by Abhinav Yalamanchili

The daily life of a developer is filled with monotonous and repetitive tasks. Fortunately, we live in a pre-artificial intelligence age, which means computers are great at handling boring chores and they hardly ever complain about it!

Feature: Data at the heart of Europe's Digital Economy

by Suman Konkumalla

Innovation in technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, but also business innovation is required to take advantage of the new reality in which value is increasingly created from intangible assets.