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Mobile users interact with telecom systems via various channels for their day to day requirements. The exponential growth in technology and a need to operate multiple channels via a single device has again solidified the idea of Networked Society.

People’s desire to connect and operate their various devices via  a single medium has triggered a race among various OEMs to provide services via a common platform for network devices. The objective of enabling various devices to suffice customer’s demand via a single channel can be attained by innovation of technology at both hardware and software levels.

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Enterprise's Perspective

Enterprises are actively looking for various tools and methodologies that can facilitate them to minimise on Time To Market for their products and services while maximising profitability of the business. Such growth in service offerings and broadening of portfolios has made systems quite complex and generated an inevitable requirement for a simplified offering.

This has triggered the management to focus on technology innovation that can enable quicker integration among their various platforms while at the same time providing simplified view for the technical enterprise architecture.

To achieve substantial portfolio growth by variety of service offerings, companies are looking for a reliable, optimised, expandable and easy to maintain integration platforms which would assist them to centralise and offer their services.

Multi  - Vendor Management

The telecom space relies mostly on multi-vendor environment to provide its services to subscribers by sharing network resources and each other capabilities.

Collectively, the various domains like OSS, BSS, IP, Multimedia etc.  provides a bunch of different services to subscribers including basic telecom service, data streaming, GPS, device management etc. This requires tremendous efforts from different telecom vendors to provide seamless user experience to subscribers.

Because of different products and existing implementations, adapting the integration and enabling these services would bring several challenges.

Technical Architecture Road Map

With a growing demand for integration platforms, Enterprise Service Bus (ESBs) are playing critical role in meeting customers expectations e.g. Mule ESB.  MuleSoft ESB provide quicker integration platform for enterprise’s service portfolios in standalone and cloud based deployments. Further to this, it supports  low cost integration for the deployment and also supports different cloud based vendors e.g. AWS, Azure etc.

The integration complexities at software level require an end point based connectivity platforms to reduce on cost and efforts yet providing a rock solid backbone to future requirements.


In such dynamic environment, with bunch of telecom operators trying to maximise their customer base, leading a fierce competition among themselves to provide new services for subscribers adopting innovative ways with minimum turnaround time.

Legislation Compliance

The telecom operators are bound to follow the guidelines established by country’s Telecom Regulatory Authorities (TRAs).

Frequently, operators are collaborating with each other to minimise the cost and expand the reach among subscribers while at the same time keeping checks on the public health and safety measures.

Smart Pricing

In contemporary acquainted environment, subscribers are becoming more and more conscious about what they have and what they need. Many subscribers keep changing their service providers to optimise on their cost and maximise the benefit of short terms local promotions by other operators. This particular behaviour of subscribers has triggered a need for telecom operators to provide continuous delivery of new telecom services and innovative plans to assist them in retaining market leadership and avoid losing business.

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