New Anypoint MapR-DB Connector by WHISHWORKS

  • Written By WHISHWORKS
  • 04/10/2018

MapR-DB is a high-performance NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database management system built into the MapR Data Platform. It is a highly scalable multi-model database that brings together operations and analytics, and real-time streaming and database workloads to enable a broader set of next-generation data-intensive applications in organisations.

What is an Anypoint Connector?

Anypoint Connectors™ allow you to easily integrate Mule applications with third-party APIs using standard integration protocols. Anypoint Connectors allow you to connect message sources like endpoints with connectors from MuleSoft’s ecosystem, or by using dynamic connectivity to API specifications. You can also build your own reusable connectors with Anypoint Connector DevKit.

The MapR-DB Connector built by WHISHWORKS

WHISHWORKS has developed the MapR-DB connector to allow you to create document-based (structured) tables, as well as add, update and/or delete structured documents into the MapR-DB from your Anypoint Platform.

The connector uses the RESTful interface of MapR-DB, to support the following operations:

  • Create and delete MapR-DB JSON tables
  • Insert, update, and delete documents from a table
  • Retrieve documents with advanced filtering and querying options

This connector is ideal for companies who use MuleSoft to transform their data and MapR to manage their Big Data.

The MapR-DB connector is currently available for Mule 3 and will soon be available for Mule 4 as well.

MapR-DB Connector is developed by WHISHWORKS and Certified by MuleSoft. This connector is published on the Anypoint Exchange.

WHISHWORKS Anypoint Connectors

WHISHWORKS builds reusable connectors using Anypoint Connector DevKit and Mule SDK for Mule 4 implementations. These connectors are pre-built generic connectors with a standardised protocol, transport layer, and database. They have the ability to connect quickly with thousands of REST and SOAP APIs. Anypoint Connectors are automatically bundled with Anypoint Studio, and there is a large library of additional connectors available for download from  Anypoint Exchange.

If you would like to find out more about how connectors could help you make the most out of your current infrastructure while enabling you to open your digital horizons, do give us a call at +44 (0)203 475 7980 or email us at

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