5 reasons to migrate to Titan – MuleSoft’s latest Anypoint Platform release

  • Written By Raveendar Bandaru
  • 15/05/2018

MuleSoft has recently announced Titan, the much-awaited latest release of Anypoint Platform™ that promises to answer all the questions related to diversified cloud infrastructures (IaaS). Powering the existing CR (Crow Release), Titan features a host of new capabilities like multi-cloud application networks with more robust security, advanced monitoring, and the agile, scalable Mule 4 runtime engine – the industry’s only runtime that combines data and application integration across legacy systems, SaaS applications, and APIs.

The latest release of Titan is set to speed up the development 3x faster and adding more power, higher speed, and greater simplicity into the famously small footprint of Mule. 

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Top 5 reasons to move onto Titan are:

  1. Deploy Anywhere

It now becomes easy to deploy and move the integration solutions across most common cloud providers like AWS, Azure, etc.

  1. Protect Everything

The modern security framework of Titan supports tokenization, encryption and support government mandated standards like GDPR, FedRAMp etc.

  1. Greater Visibility into Mule Application Statistics

The Titan brings in actionable visibility into application networks providing real-time insights and instant access to historical log data across all the APIs. This enables support teams to easily locate bottlenecks and find the root-cause of any issue.

  1. Easy learning curve

With Mule 4’s enhanced Studio 7, one can learn Mule easily with less code, achieve better results and take the code to market faster. Rapid deployment helps save time and do more in less time compared to earlier Studio versions.

  1. More Connectors to integrate with

New connectors like SAP BI, Docker, MS 365, and AWS Dynamo DB expand the reach of data and information in and out of these systems, enabling better integrations.

You can find additional information about the latest release of Anypoint Platform at:  https://www.mulesoft.com/platform/new-product-features, or contact us to discuss how your company can benefit from Titan.

If you would like to find out more about MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, Cloudhub and the upcoming Salesforce Integration Cloud, do give us a call at +44 (0)203 475 7980 or email us at marketing@whishworks.com

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