8 questions to answer before starting a digital transformation overhaul


WHISHWORKS' Vad Brun discusses at bobsguide.com the most critical questions companies need to be able to answer before they go ahead with a digital transformation overhaul.

There has been a lot of talk about the high rates of digital transformation failures and a lot of praise to companies that have built their business case entirely on digital networks, such as Deliveroo, Uber, Argos and Amazon just to name a few. The key differentiator is that most of these companies began as digital businesses to begin with. So, although they do face the digital challenge, they do not necessarily face the transformation challenge, and this is where most of the failures originate.

After almost a decade of helping companies succeed in their digital and transformational goals, we have found that planning and understanding are key to successfully starting and, most importantly, continuing on any digital transformation journey. These questions are set to help towards developing this understanding and approach to planning... continue reading this article at bobsguide.com

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