The demand for Big Data experts: Is there a real shortage?


The demand for Big Data experts has sky-rocketed over the last decade, mainly due to the growth in data creation and storage facilities available to organisations. Our clients are increasingly fighting to secure the very best in Big Data expertise, with lots of new and exciting opportunities in the industry. For job seekers, this is undoubtedly a fantastic time, but for our clients recruitment remains challenging due to the shortage of skilled labour in the market.

Here at WHISHWORKS, we believe data could be the driving force of a business, with Big Data technologies providing a platform to provide access to the insights hidden within it. We have seen lots of great success stories from clients who have chosen to utilise our Big Data expertise, growing new revenue streams or finding new cost saving opportunities.

The Financial Times ( recently forecast that more than 50,000 Big Data jobs are due to be created every year until 2020, but skills training remains low. Qualified Data Engineers, Analysts and Managers are in high demand, with many countries still lacking the required educational platform to train and educate the workforce in these skills.

Big Data experts

It is becoming increasingly challenging to find experts in Big Data who can explain and influence their work to a non-technical audience; for example, our new Marketing Executive, is required to have in-depth technical knowledge in order to explain this to our audience and partners.

In order to combat this shortage, WHISHWORKS is keen to hire the best and most experienced engineers and architects, in order to offer high quality solutions to our clients and help them negate the tricky conditions affecting the recruitment of Big Data experts.

The skills that we look to employ at WHISHWORKS to provide the most comprehensive solutions for our clients include Core Hadoop, Data Security expertise, Data Pipeline Management and Spark experience.

As the Big Data market is still in the early days of growth, we also look for candidates with a wide range of complimentary experience and a willingness to scale up their skillset.

If you would like to find out more about how Big Data could help you make the most out of your current infrastructure while enabling you to open your digital horizons, do give us a call at +44 (0)203 475 7980 or email us at

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