• Needs analysis

  • Understanding of business goals

  • Data discovery

  • Architectural consulting

  • Identification of use cases

  • Proposal of best solution

Big Data Consulting Services

Big Data is made up of large-scale data sets which, when analysed using the latest technology, can reveal business-critical trends, patterns and associations for your business. The challenge is how to effectively and cost efficiently extract this information from data scattered in multiple, often legacy, systems.

With a proven approach, we will work with you to understand the underlying business needs and dynamics, assess your systems, and define the capabilities needed to make your data and analytics initiatives a success.

Our expert Big Data consultants will help your organisation collect, store, enrich and transform data from disparate sources into actionable information and business intelligence.

Our Big Data roadmap is a 1-3 year projection of the use cases we identify as delivering the biggest value, with key milestones, time lines, investment models and visual prototypes.

Our architecture design is overseen by our Centre of Excellence and includes gap analysis, readiness assessment, and ecosystem blueprint. Contact us.


As a global IT services and big data consultancy business, we work with leading global innovators such as MuleSoft, Hortonworks, MapR and Cloudera to develop solutions that offer business advantages to our clients. Since 2008, we have worked with hundreds of organisations, helping them to access, control and monetise their data.

Today, we are the preferred partner for businesses looking to construct their digital transformations on solid foundations. We want our clients to realise the full potential of their data. At WHISHWORKS, we can take your project from planning to implementation through Systems Integration and Big Data, all the while bolstering your business with in-depth, expert support.

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