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When it comes to Big Data there is no single off-the-shelf solution. Same as your business and the way you operate and use your data are unique, so is the way you should approach your Big Data initiative. We have the capacity, tenacity and vendor independence to help you create your solution that will fuel your business now and in the future.

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Our Big Data Centre of Excellence (CoE)

The WHISHWORKS team is full of data experts that are fluent in a broad set of technologies. There is no single solution, there is your solution. We have the capacity and tenacity to create it. To do this we have created a Big Data Centre of Excellence. We discover the unique position your business is in, we work with you to define your needs, we develop a solution that works and deploy it in your environment.This approach has led to an enviable client list who we continue to serve as they harness the ongoing benefits of Big Data for business growth, decision-making and efficiency.

Big Data approach
CoE strategy


We help you create a roadmap to exploit large, diverse and complex data to improve business performance through new insights and enhanced intuition. We help you improve business decision making, and as a result, outcomes. Our big data architects work with your team through a series of workshops to discover the data sources, document the opportunities and create a business case that adds value and proves concept.

CoE engineering


We are passionate about the successful implementation of strategy. Our investment in engineering means that we have architects and data engineers who are certified and involved across multiple projects and industries. For any data driven business, the engineering team plays a crucial role in Big Data implementation and through them we can achieve IT optimisation that helps reduce costs, create new analytics applications and increase revenues.

CoE governance


In its predictions, Gartner Inc commented that “the rise of data discovery, access to multi-structured data, data preparation tools and smart capabilities will further democratize access to analytics and stress the need for governance.” The WHISHWORKS Governance model encourages customers to brainstorm and define adequate governance policies for their data and information. It helps identify key questions about the value of data to the organisation, the purpose of data, data standards and target users of the data.

CoE assets


Big Data has little value unless we add insights and follow an approach to monetize it. To achieve this organisations need to build Assets as differentiators. Assets can be classified as People assets and Engineering assets. The WHISHWORKS Centre of Excellence model helps create a collaborative community environment that attracts a talent pool who are most interested in building and deploying analytical models. If there is no community or a perceived lack of investment it will be difficult to attract and or retain the best talent.

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If you can't get your hands on the data you need to put your business ahead of the rest, then we can help.

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