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At WHISHWORKS we help you unlock the Big Data opportunity, by cutting it to a size and shape that fits your requirements. From programming framework to visualisation and compliance, we partner with the best to deliver the best.

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Whether you are planning a new data initiative, revising your strategy, upgrading your architecture or simply want to improve outcomes, WHISHWORKS can help you gain clarity on how to derive real business value from your big data solutions.


Application Delivery

We work with an ecosystem of Big Data platforms and PaaS providers, including Hortonworks, MapR, Cloudera and Microsoft Azure, to ensure that you get the most value from your investment.


Application Support

We offer flexible 24x7, 9x7 or 8x5 platinum, gold and silver support options to proactively monitor and support your Big Data architecture. Our expert support teams are dedicated to keeping your applications running.


Managed Services

WHISHWORKS comprehensive managed services offering is designed to give you the peace of mind, the responsiveness and the flexibility you need in turning data into actionable insights.


Hortonworks Data Platform Support

With extensive experience working with Hortonworks environments, we can help you upgrade or migrate your HDP platform with no risk to your data and minimum impact to your daily operations.

What is Big Data

Data Lake Explained

A data lake is a large-scale repository of many types of enterprise data, stored in its native format. Types might include structured, semi-structured, or unstructured state, like databases, tagged mark-up, text messages or video.

By storing all information in a single repository, all data is available for analysis, removing the need to hunt for it, transform it, or integrate systems before running Big Data initiatives.

This single data pool unifies the enterprises’ data until the Schema and data requirements are defined for query, using business analytics and mining tools.


The architecture defines the value and insight an enterprise can derive from Big Data.

Big Data systems and solutions architecture is a complex design incorporating the volume, variety, and velocity of the all the data generated from around the enterprise. The ELT (extracted, loaded, and transformed) informatiob is used for Big Data and information lakes.

The architecture must be scalable and able to deal with constantly changing tools, software and technological advancement. Efficient planning around capacity, infrastructure, security, and deployment forms the basis of a robust Big Data architecture.


Big Data analytics involves deep understanding and examining of sets to produce actionable insight from identifiable patterns that help organisations make informed business decisions.

Technological advancements mean analytics brings benefits in both speed and accuracy.

Our Big Data Partners

For the best in security, reliability, real-time performance, and reporting for open data platforms and applications, our Big Data partners are the power behind the world’s data economy.

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Big Data Testimonial

Lee Taaffe

Business Information Analyst,

WHISHWORKS’ solution enabled us to achieve our business objectives and goals with increased service levels, demonstrating a high level of expertise by effectively implementing the project to the agreed timelines and going a level beyond what we thought was achievable.












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